The Kashmir Files Reviewed By Kunal Kamra
Kunal Kamra Recently Released Episode 2 Of His You Did This Series ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

A film that managed to make waves and most number of headlines in India, of course not all for good reasons, was Vivek Agnihotri directorial The Kashmir Files. The movie that released in March was one of the most spoken about movies that month and kind of divided the audience into teams, where one side was with the film and the other against it. But that didn’t stop the movie from earning big at the box office and equipping Agnihotri to think of it as a franchise. But now Comedian Kunal Kamra has something to say.

For the unversed, The Kashmir Files was based on the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits from the state back in the day. It explores the political turmoil of the time the exodus happened and the brutality that the pandits in Kashmir had to go through. The movie was partly praised and partly criticized by the audience.

Talking about the same is now Comedian Kunal Kamra known for his political opinions and satire. Kamra recently released a new episode of his new series You Did This on YouTube. It was in the audience member asked for his opinion on the Vivek Agnihotri directorial and he let himself loose. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

Kunal Kamra chose a question where the audience member asked What is your take on The Kashmir Files? While everyone else braced themselves, Kunal began by saying, “Has anyone here not watched Kashmir Files? (After a considerable number of hands were raised) Get out, this is against national interest. I am going to tell the Prime Minister like a vaccine certificate there should be a cinema certificate. If you have not watched Kashmir Files, you are not allowed to enter cinema.”

Kunal Kamra added, “What is your take on Kashmir Files? You cannot have a take on Kashmir Files, don’t take. Pondicherry me gaya tha me dekhne 4 Jan the theatre me, to bhi ek buddhe ne speech diya ending me aake. (I went to see that film when I was in Pondicherry. There were precisely 4 people in the theatre and even there an old man stood and started giving a speech).”

Concluding his answer, the comedian in a funny way added, “Tum log bhi aise controversial sawaal puchte ho (to the audience). Tum to chale jaoge Monday naukri karne, thoda mere bare me bhi socha karo. Tumko pata hai me jhut to bol nhi sakta. (You guys ask me such controversial questions. You will go back to you jobs on Monday, think a bit about me too. You know I can’t lie.”

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