KRK Tweets On Shah Rukh Khan's Upcoming Films Including Atlee's Next
KRK Talks On Shah Rukh Khan(Pic Credit : Facebook/KRK, Shah Rukh Khan, Atlee Kumar)

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK is an artist who has aced the art of staying in news. One or the other way, the self-proclaimed critic garners the limelight. The latest thing to come out of his camp is his tweets for Shah Rukh Khan. He has reacted to the news of Atlee directing SRK after his Pathan. Even though Kamaal loves the actor, he is quite concerned about his choices of filmmakers.

In a series of tweets, Kamaal has criticized Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming films and obsession with looking young on the screen. He has even slammed his choice of making films with South directors. Kamaal thinks filmmakers like Atlee don’t know what works among Bollywood fans.


In a first tweet, KRK wrote, “I really can’t understand that why SRK is doing a film with south director #Atlee who doesn’t know anything about Hindi audience choice. This is the biggest problem of #SRK that he is trusting makers instead of story. People won’t accept him in masala films like #Pathan etc.”


KRK indirectly took a dig at Salman Khan and other stars belonging to the same age group as Shah Rukh Khan. He added that Shah Rukh is doing the same mistake of wanted to look young. “Even #SRK is doing same mistake like other stars that he doesn’t want to become old man at the age of 56 years also. He wants to do only Bholu cute boy role, which ppl won’t digest. Bollywood actors are having phobia of doing young boy role to get young actress in the film,” he wrote in a tweet.

Kamaal even praised Shah Rukh for his potential but even raised a concern about his wrong choices.

“#SRK is brilliant actor and he still can give big hit film of 500Cr business if he does right film. But unfortunately he is doing wrong films. I really love him, so I feel really bad for his choice of bad films. And he will get angry like other actors when I will give bad review,” Kamaal tweeted.

Towards the end, KRK praised Shah Rukh for doing Rajkumar Hirani’s film. He believes Hirani can never deliver a flop.

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