Katrina Kaif Used To Get Upset And Throw Tantrums On Film Sets When She Dated Salman Khan
Katrina Kaif Apparently Took A Lot Of Advantage Of Salman Khan As A Protective Boyfriend ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Facebook )

Katrina Kaif, who reportedly dated Salman Khan from 2005 to 2010, apparently threw a lot of tantrums during the shoot of her movies at the time. Shedding light on her bad attitude, an old article from a leading publication surfaced on the Internet, where a few insiders made a few shocking revelations. Read on to know more.

Katrina Kaif reportedly used Salman Khan as a trump card to keep her say in the projects. According to the re-surfaced article, Katrina Kaif took advantage of her then-protective boyfriend, Salman Khan.

According to a post on Reddit, an article from 2007 in Mumbai Mirror shared how staff members from Katrina’s film set spilt the beans on her mean behaviour. They claimed that how the actress used to drag Salman Khan whenever she felt upset about something or felt that she was not treated well on the sets. A spot boy, who had previously worked with Katrina on the sets of Namastey London, shared, “We’re literally scared to say anything to ‘Madam’, lest she gets upset and calls up Salman bhai to complain about us.” A makeup artist, according to the Reddit post, also spoke along the same lines revealing, “Katrina and Salman are really in love with each other. But that doesn’t mean she can use him to scare people. She throws tantrums galore, and when we try to reason with her, she turns into a crybaby and makes calls to Salman.”

Take a look:

Mumbai Mirror from year 2007: “We are scared of Katrina, she calls up Salman bhai to complain about us”; says costume designers, spotboys and makeup artists of her films.
by u/BerniceWong1 in BollyBlindsNGossip

According to the Reddit post, a source close to the actress stated, “Katrina Kaif brags about her Salman connection very often. In fact, Salman has been encouraging her to do so. Be it problems with her costumes or if she is asked to wait around, she just picks up the phone and complains to Salman.”

The 2007 article from Mumbai Mirror, as per Reddit, further stated that Katrina once complained about her ill-fitting costumes on a film set. She apparently got upset after the designer blamed it on the flab that she had acquired of late. If reports are to be believed, Salman Khan soon landed on the sets and gave an earful to the designer.

Social media users were quick to react to the post as one user stated, “Everyone, let’s clap for Katrina Kaif’s PR. They did an amazing job of making people forget all this and focus on what a saint she is. Other people’s PR should learn from this.”

The next one shared, “Remember when she threw a whole a*s tantrum on an award show and refused to perform until she’s given an award? Advantages of being Bhoi’s gf.”

One user added, “Now, she gives gyan on not hurting other person’s feelings on Koffee with Karan. Isko bolte hai image makeover.”

Another concluded, “This is definitely NOT a lie. I know industry insiders from Katrina’s early days. She was very rude to industry people such as dancers, make-up artists, and PAs. She is not so scared of Salman either, she would complain nonstop and would question his behaviour towards the “workin” industry people, e.g. why he is having dinner with them. White-Privilege Katrina deserves each and every disrespect she gets.

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