Kanika Kapoor was the first Bollywood celeb who got diagnosed with COVID-19 in March. After 5 positive tests, the singer finally tested negative for the 6th time. Later, she was discharged from the hospital and was asked to stay quarantined until full recovery.

Now that the Baby Doll singer is fine, she decided to donate her plasma for the vaccine. However, doctors said Kanika Kapoor can’t donate her plasma yet as she has low haemoglobin. A senior official King George’s Medical University told DNA, “Blood sample of Kanika Kapoor was examined and almost all parameters about plasma donation were found to be appropriate. However, the haemoglobin quantity was found less than the standard. Hence, she has to wait for a few days for plasma donation.”

Kanika Kapoor Can't Donate Her Plasma For COVID-19 Patients, Here's Why!
Kanika Kapoor Can’t Donate Her Plasma For COVID-19 Patients, Here’s Why!


On the other hand, Dr. Tulika Chandra, Head of Department of Transfusion Medicine said, “The blood sample of Kanika Kapoor was examined for plasma donation, and it was found positive. But she has to wait for some time.”


Meanwhile, on Sunday, Kanika Kapoor took to her Instagram and reacted to all the false and negative news. A lot of people had bashed her for attending parties and travelling when he had returned from the UK last month.

On her Instagram post, Kanika Kapoor wrote that there are several versions of stories written about her. They were fuelled more because she had decided to remain silent back then. Kapoor said he was quiet not because she was wrong and she was aware of the misunderstanding and wrong information being spread.

The singer is yet to react to the news that she can’t donate her plasma for COVID-19 patients.



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