The Kangana Ranaut – Hrithik Roshan scandal is out in the open again after Roshan’s police complaint was leaked and made public by a TV news channel. Amongst other things, the actor’s complaint alleges that Kangana stalked him and sent him sexually explicit emails and abusive messages.


According to a Republic report, sources have confirmed that the complaint was filed by Mahesh Jethmalani, Hrithik’s counsel in April 2016. The complaint also alleges that Kangana sent Hrithik ‘sexually explicit’ emails in which she called him her ‘eternal lover’. Hrithik was ‘repulsed but out of decency ignored those emails’.

Kangana Ranaut Has Moved On: Her Sister Rangoli Responds After Hrithik Roshan's Complaint Goes Viral
Kangana Ranaut Has Moved On: Her Sister Rangoli Responds After Hrithik Roshan’s Complaint Goes Viral

According to the complaint, Hrithik and Kangana were first introduced to each other in 2009, prior to filming their movie Kites. They would go on to star together in Krrish 3, following which their relationship soured when Kangana spoke in public about her ‘silly ex’ which Hrithik took as an insinuation of their affair.

The actors entered into a legal battle with each other. Kangana, on the press tour for her new film Simran, provided more details about the fiasco to the media. She alleged that she had gone to Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan, for help, and while he had initially assured her that he would arrange a meeting between the two, had put all his efforts into launching a legal attack against her.

Kangana’s lawyer Mr Rizwaan Siddiqui has issued a statement to after a copy of Hrithik’s complaint reportedly filed on April 8, 2017, was made public.

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The statement reads: “It is quite surprising to note that some electronic news channel is trying to create a media feeding frenzy, concerning an old police complaint which was filed by Mr. Hrithik Roshan sometime early in the year 2016, to miserably create a fresh story and get TRPs for their channel. Be as it may, I want to clarify to other electronic media channels and other print publications that the said old police complaint concerning an imposter, which was filed by Mr Hrithik Roshan has been dealt with by my client, as per the legal procedure provided. Also, all others should not get confused by the random and out of context questions that may be miserably raised by the channel for obvious reasons. All answers to the questions are available on the public platform since early 2016 and it is not prudent on the part of my client to repeat the same things all over again. If Mr Hrithik really wants to clear his name then he has to simply answer the questions which were publicly put to him at that stage. The said unanswered questions are also available on public domain since April 2016.”

Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel also posted a number of tweets for Hrithik Roshan.




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