Kajol Gets Compared To Kangana Ranaut As She Gets Trolled For Casually Using N-Word In A Recent Video
Kajol Gets Compared To Kangana Ranaut As She Receives Heavy Backlash For Casually Using N-Word In A Recent Video(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Kajol is currently basking in the success of her latest web shows, Lust Stories 2 and The Trial. From the past few days, the actress is making headlines as she broke her no-kissing policy on her web show ‘The Trial’ where she’s seen sharing a hot lip-lock with co-star Alyy Khan in one of the episodes. Amid all the praises she’s receiving for her acting chops in the web shows, she’s being trolled for a video that has surfaced and gone viral.

Recently, a Reddit user took to the platform to share a video of the actress that sees her using N-word slur. For the unversed, the word is used as a slur against Africans. Scroll down for an interesting scoop below.

Kajol is hearing saying, “Yo, wassup bro! Pick up the call, N***a. It’s you mom. Why don’t you talk to me hommie!” Soon after the video surfaced on the web, netizens trolled her and called her ‘Intolerable Loud Obnoxious Brat’. Some of the netizens also compared her to Kangana Ranaut. Reacting to the video a user wrote, “This is so cringe i might die from second hand embarrassment,” while another said, “Kajol has always been so intolerable loud obnoxious brat.”

A third netizen wrote, “the OG Kangana,” while fourth one said, “Kangana at least called out Kjo and started the nepotism debate. Kajol is a loud mouth that spouts just bullsh*t.”

A fifth user commented, “Realising more and more that nepo 1.0 were also out of touch, overrated, PR driven “stars” with no acting talent and insufferable personalities. That’s precisely why nepo 2.0 keep trying. Because they think they can also get away with it at some point. All it will take is one “iconic” role or song like Poo or Anjali (mostly thanks to the styling) that can be celebrated for decades afterwards. No thanks.”

Check out the video below:

Did Kajol just normally and casually drop the N word!?! 💀
by u/KelsoBarney in BollyBlindsNGossip

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