Bollywood is indeed a thriving and extremely lucrative business but surprisingly the term Bollywood is slowly losing its hold on the sense of artistic taste. One wouldn’t ever expect art or cinema to be homogeneously palatable to all. Each section has its own preference for a specific style of cinema surely, but it is demotivating to watch a piece of crap like Yaariyan fare better than the delightful Dedh Ishqiya. I usually don’t take the liberty to denote terms like crap and trash to films, however, Yaariyan in every scene fails to rise above the dismal script and sloppy execution.


On the contrary, Abhishek Chaubey and Vishal Bharadwaj in the second edition of its scintillating and dark trilling comedy Dedh Ishqiya manages to supersede the last version. It is an elaborate and intricate piece, despite dunking a little in terms of suspense. The subtlety in its wit laced with slight humor, Chaubey executes a film that is brilliantly done.

Himansh Kohli in Yaariyan and Arshad Warsi, Huma Qureshi in Dedh Ishqiya Movie Stills
Himansh Kohli in Yaariyan and Arshad Warsi, Huma Qureshi in Dedh Ishqiya Movie Stills

Still shamefully enough a lame film like Yaariyan scores miles better than a masterpiece like Dedh Ishqiya. Way before Yaariyan released, it was touted as the next Aashiqui 2. While my comments of Aashiqui 2 have found its rightful place in the bitter review, I wrote of the film, the success of Yaariyan over Dedh Ishqiya leaves me feeling waspish. I don’t envy success of the venture, I lament the loss of Dedh Ishqiya.

The latter is light years ahead in terms of making if compared with the former; but it proves that the low intellect of the audiences cannot fathom films like Dedh Ishqiya. I have nothing against the so-called commercial films but cinema needs to show traces of inspired writing which clearly most younger guns decide to give a miss to.

I perceive the success of Yaariyan as a personal loss. For amateurs who will label me as malicious, need to review their understanding of films and understand that stooping downwards will only compromise the quality of the products Bollywood will come up with. In the end, box office numbers are just figures which will be wiped off our memory over time. The overwhelming performance of Yaariyan won’t even be remembered next month but the terrific repartee of Dedh Ishqiya is so nouvelle that even years later it will remain just as fresh, brimming with the same fun, wit and eloquence.

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  1. absolutely correctIts the truth, and truth is always bitter.
    I feel we keep on crying that our films arent good. We keep criticising himesh’s reshammiya in movies..But its the same audience who made a trash like aap ka suroor a blockbuster at Box office. Our audiences are crooked, hypocrite and very suvidhavadi. I mean if its not a popular mainstream film or no new actors, they will go for Review at morning newspapers or in internet. But if its rohit shetty movie, or any highly promoted college film or any salman film, no need of reviews.Hell with it. Firstly the so called cinema lovers have to stop this hypocrisy. We complain our cinema is not ar par with world cinema. I would say we never encouraged good cinema to flourish. Its democracy and hundred’s of divya Khosla’s will make such pathetic movies.No issues.But its finally on us to select.Unfortunately we dont hv taste. We as audience are hypocrites.No problem if AAmir does a film with growing age after 2-3 years.But if madhuri makes a comeback at 47, we say she is budhhi and shud retire.
    But as u said in the article, no matter what good films will stay in memories not the trashy substance. But this trend will kill many upcoming abhshek chaubey’s who want different cinema. Money is important along with acclaim. But sadly we as Indian audience are suitable for ram gopal varma ki aag kind of movies only.

  2. Its not death of bollywood. Its shame on you and your review. This shows how disgusting reviewer you are who gives 0 stars to a film. I ask you which reviewer gives 0 ratings to a movie? Shame on you again. Koimoi needs only one thing i.e. to replace you with some good reviewer.


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