Yaariyan Movie Poster
Yaariyan Movie Poster

Rating: 0.5/5 Stars (Zero and a half stars)

Star cast: Himansh Kohli, Serah Singh, Nicole Faria, Dev Sharma, Rakul Preet, Evelyn Sharma, Sayali Bhagat, Deepti Naval, Gulshan Grover

Director: Divya Khosla Kumar

What’s Good: Stepping out of the theatre after the film is over.

What’s Bad: The lame film we were subjected to.

Loo break: Please keep the tap on.

Watch or Not?: There is no valid reason for you to watch Divya Khosla Kumar’s Yaariyan. It is dull, boring, pathetic and doesn’t seem to get over. Have you ever tried Indian, Italian, American, Continental cuisines all together in the same evening? Trust me the film was a pathetic variation of the same and believe my word, it was a cinematic acidity of sorts which plagues the viewers. Filmmakers please show some respect for the wit of your viewers and your craft and spare us the horror of such movies.

User Rating:

The story begins in Sikkim and is told by a worthless young lad Lakshya whose only motive is to share a passionate kiss with a girl. Being the son of a deceased army officer, ironically the inkling of patriotism is missing in him and his group of equally worthless friends. Their pretty little hunky dory world wakes up with a thud when the college principal picks them for a competition with an Australian college.

Failure in this competition would mean losing their college grounds to the Australian folks. Though it is very doubtful whether the group of nothings can put together their best talent and keep their college proud in the overseas but their strife to win is what the story is all about.

Yaariyan Movie Stills
Yaariyan Movie Stills

Yaariyan Review: Script Analysis

I am so speechless that I can not only give this section a miss, I can actually bunk the whole review. There was a paper thin plotline for script – lame, idiotic and extremely dumb which made no sense. The story was over-the-top silly, extremely melodramatic in parts and so foolish that you laugh. Such films are made to make mediocre films look really good and luckily it does a great job at it.

Indian students fighting Australian students become an issue of national importance – How? Don’t ask. We weren’t given the logic for it. Death of semi-racial attack out of the blue? I had no idea something as grave as death can make you laugh. A man two timing and making out with another woman and when the girlfriend finds out she is cool with it because it’s all for the larger cause: Where’s your spine woman? A jealous girlfriend organizes a swayamvar for herself called Saloni Ka Kiss, makes sense? Naeh. A prestigious college gets a national athlete to compete against a college contender in a mountain climbing competition – logic? Well, the term logic with all its connotations dove right out of the window within 5 minutes of its beginning and doesn’t show its face for rest of the screen time.

There is no story for the whole time. It almost felt like a popcorn with some incessant jabbering in the background which never stopped. It is quite a boring chore to review films sometimes but when it is so utterly silly like this, I want to just enroll people in filmschool on my money – all for the larger good you see.

Yaariyan Review: Star Performances

Who star? Every actor is so terrible that they clearly need a change of profession. Even credible stars like Deepti Naval and Gulshan Grover are reduced to mere caricatures. They have no role and play limp sketchy parts to enact. Gorgeous faces often don’t have much meat and perhaps their face shouldn’t be a reason to hire them. Casting directors take note.

Yaariyan Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

There is nothing to save this film. Divya Khosla Kumar does a dismal job at coming up with something way more amateurish than what mainstream films can come up with. The work is plain childish, her characters are superficial, her story is shallow and the execution is so shockingly feeble that there are no kind words for her product.

The screenplay and editing both are as pathetic.

The music is good but a song title Maa as a rock song doesn’t do a great job. Honey Singh’s party tracks are the only thing to look forward to in the music album and that itself is grim news.

Yaariyan Review: The Last Word

2014 hasn’t begun well. After Joe B Carvalho from last week and now this, I think the younger guns of the industry should find validated reasons to be filmmakers. It would be an understatement to say such a disastrous film wasn’t made in a long long time and Yaariyan now ranks amongst one of those odd films that hit every Friday and move by without anyone noticing them.

Yaariyan Trailer

Yaariyan releases on 10th January, 2014.

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