Chandan Roy Sanyal Talks About His First One Take Film As A Producer
Chandan Roy Sanyal Has Been Producing Projects Since 2004

Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal has announced his first production of the year, a live film titled In Between.

Chandan, who has been producing projects since 2004, said that his new venture is not just theatre and not just a film, but a bit of both. It is a live film shot in one take.



Inspired by his personal experiences, he put together the script of this effort that digs into the reality of an actor’s life.

Chandan said: “An actor has to search for work, look good, make rent, take care of their parents and maintain art. It’s quite a heavy duty job that you can’t take a break from.”

“I have lived the life of a theatre actor long enough to know the challenges of surviving it. The process of auditioning is toilsome – one stands in queues, your makeup comes off, you’re hungry, you have limited takes and the pressure to deliver. I have drawn from my personal experience to create ‘In Between’. I’m very excited about presenting my first one-take film,” he added.

The live film is be available digitally on November 28 and 29.

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