Actress Lara Dutta is currently receiving praises for her performance in Hundred. The actress says plays a police officer in the new comedy-action web series. Recently, the actress opened up saying that irrespective of their profession, all women have faced sexism at some point or the other.

The former Miss Universe had a question-answer session with fans on Twitter where one of them asked: “It was great to see the series portray the difficulties in the life of women. Was that something that attracted you toward the series?”

Hundred Actress Lara Dutta On Sexism: "As Women We All Have Faced It In Our Life..."
Hundred Actress Lara Dutta On Sexism: “As Women We All Have Faced It In Our Life…”

Lara Dutta replied saying: “As women, we all have faced sexism in our life at some point or the other, regardless of which field we belong to. So yes this thought was an imp part of the narrative but not the only thing that motivated me to do this series.”

She also opened up about her quarantine time. “Can’t complain! It’s been good. Family is healthy and we’ve been able to spend a lot of time with each other. I’ve been studying, cooking and doing fun indoor activities with my daughter,” she said.

The Hundred actress also revealed her fitness regime. “My routine varies according to my schedules and lifestyle. I’ve always worked out. Pilates, strength training and yoga have been constant favourites. I’m vegetarian mainly and eat a balanced diet and I meditate,” said Lara.

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