The ‘partners’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan and Govinda, are known for their on and off friendship. We’ve seen Govinda always singing praises for Dabangg Khan. Apparently, there has been a grudge between them since the starting of their career but it has been many years, and they both have given us one of the best friendship movies of Bollywood.


In an interview published in Deccan Chronicle, Govinda shares a very heart touching incident featuring Salman Khan. Here’s how it goes, “I remember way back in the eighties I was returning from one of my shootings in Mumbai. It so happened that a man, while crossing the road, had banged into my car as he was entering from the wrong side. No sooner we got down from our vehicle and were planning to take his gentleman to the hospital.”

Govinda Remembers This Incident Of The ‘Real Hero’ Salman Khan
Govinda Remembers This Incident Of The ‘Real Hero’ Salman Khan!


He further added, “One thin and a fit guy approaches me and tells me to move ahead as the crowd had started gathering around my vehicle. This gentleman told me not to worry as he would take care of this person who was hurt. And this guy who took charge of this gentleman and immediately took him to the hospital was none other than Salman Khan!,” recollected Govinda.

In the same interview, Govinda also called him the ‘real hero’, “Salman has this Being Human quality even before attaining stardom. He is a very nice person. Salman has always tried to help people in distress. I love him and respect him for that. Salman is a real hero. I instantly clicked with him. Since then we became good friends.”




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