FRIENDS x Bollywood: From Ranbir Kapoor As Ross To Deepika Padukone As Rachel - How Many Of These Do You Agree With? Check Out
FRIENDS x Bollywood: From Ranbir Kapoor As Ross To Deepika Padukone As Rachel – How Many Of These Do You Agree With? Read On (Photo Credit: Instagram,IMDb, Twitter, Getty Images & deadline)

Ever since HBO Max announced the FRIENDS reunion episode, all we think about is when are we going to see them back again on screen. The show starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. Now, since we don’t know when we will get to see the reunion episode, we have got you FRIENDS X Bollywood.

Now, Bollywood is full of talented actors and actresses but we have got the best of a lot for y’all.

Let’s straight dive into the FRIENDS X Bollywood list and tell us if you would agree with us or not:

Rachel Green – Deepika Padukone

I can’t think of a better fashionista in Bollywood than Deepika Padukone who can totally pull of Rachel Green’s wit and fashion sense like a queen. From her iconic looks to haircuts, DP has what it takes to be the ultimate boss babe in Friends.

Ross Geller – Ranbir Kapoor

I can’t think of anyone better than Ranbir Kapoor to say this out loud – ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’. Haha! Imagine him and Deepika getting into an argument over almost everything while being in a relationship, this would totally be a fun ride to watch these two incredible actors donning the iconic characters from Friends.

Monica Geller – Shraddha Kapoor

I don’t know why but Shraddha Kapoor was the first person to come to my mind when I thought of Friends X Bollywood. Being one of the top actresses in the game, her spirit and competitiveness scream compelling to me. And hence, who better to play Monica than Shraddha, I feel.

Chandler Bing – Hrithik Roshan

This was a tough choice but I don’t think anyone else can pull off Chandler Bing for me than Hrithik Roshan. The charisma that he brings with himself and the character on the show, the War actor fits in the box perfectly. Also, we would love to see Shraddha Kapoor and Hrithik on-screen together.

Phoebe Buffay – Katrina Kaif

There’s no one in Bollywood who can laugh at her own jokes than Katrina Kaif. Phoebe Buffay is a character who thinks of herself as a perfectionist and is so self-obsessed that I can’t think of anyone else than Katrina. With all the wisdom, the Bharat actress possesses, I think she would be a perfect fit to play this iconic role on Friends.

Joey Tribbiani – Ranveer Singh

I feel Ranveer Singh can totally ace the expressions of Joey Tribbiani from Friends. Isn’t it? From being a casanova to not sharing his food on the show, our own ‘Sindhi Bhai’ can totally ace playing this iconic character. And not to forget, his chemistry with Rachel was undeniably hot. Flirting with each other on the show and being husband-wife in real life, now this would fun to watch!

Did y’all like our FRIENDS X Bollywood edition? Tell us in the comments below.

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