With each passing day, the episode of Tanushree Dutta’s #MeToo moment and related controversies are taking new twists and turns. On Thursday, some shocking views and statements from well known Bollywood personalities were exposed in a sting operation by Times Now.


Times Now did sting operation on the producer and director of Horn Ok Pleasss, Samee Siddiqui and Rakesh Sarang respectively. Sting was also carried on chairman of FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), Gajendra Chauhan and renowned actor Raza Murad, which exposed their misogynistic mindset.

Feminism Alert: Horn Ok Pleasss Producer Links Tanushree Dutta’s Allegations With Menstrual Mood Swings

Samee Siddiqui, one of the producers of the film made a deplorable comment stating that Tanushree Dutta was having her periods, the day she was to shoot for the song with Nana Patekar and cited that as the reason why she got upset, because of her mood swings. “Should I tell you the truth? I feel that day she was on her periods.” — Samee Siddiqui told Times Now during the sting operation.

Rakesh Sarang, the director of the film set that witnessed Nana Patekar’s ‘misbehaviour’ as claimed by Tanushree said that the actress was hungry for attention ahead of her speculated appearance on the Bigg Boss show which is why she brought up this allegation 10 years later.


While Raza Murad caught defending Nana in the whole case, Gajendra Chauhan joked about the whole scenario claiming that Tanushree is only doing this for publicity.

Knowing that it takes lot of courage to speak against the sexual harassment, as in a sting video it looks like no one wants to believe the story of Tanushree Dutta.

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Producer Samee Siddiqui

Director Rakesh Sarang

Gajendra Chauhan

Raza Murad



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