Ranveer Singh Stapled His Stomach For A Scene In Lootera! Says, “At That Time I Was Very Raw As An Actor”
Read On To Know The Extent Ranveer Singh Went To For A Scene In Lootera (Photo Credit: Instagram & IMDb)

Ranveer Singh is one Bollywood star known to go over and beyond to ace his character and make them memorable. While pretty much everyone knows that the actor had reported locked himself up for 21 days, with no contact to the outside world for Padmaavat, did you know what he did to ace the scene where he gets shot in Lootera?

In a past conversation, Ranveer opened up about stapling the sides of his stomach to make the pain feel real for a scene in Lootera. Read on to know all the birthday boy has to say about it and what he has learnt about acting since then.

During a past interview with Film Companion, film critic Anupama Chopra questioned Ranveer Singh if he had “stapled the side of his stomach and then hit himself there to get the right expression of pain” in the Sonakshi Sinha film Lootera. Confirming the story to be true, Ranveer said that his inexperience made him do it. He even added that he wouldn’t think about doing such a thing again in the future.

In the above-mentioned interview, Ranveer Singh said, “At that time I was very raw as an actor, exploring my craft. I wasn’t comfortable with my craft. I didn’t know how to do it. I was so raw that I didn’t know the ABC of filmmaking. Even when I was an AD, I used to be given menial jobs, I would be far away from the sets. So I hit the ground running.”

He continued, “For instance, I was so kaccha during Band Baaja Baraat, I would be doing two shots with Anushka and there would be a boom mike guy standing and I would ask her ‘Who’s this guy?’ She’s like ‘whatever dialogues you say, he’s going to capture that’. I would be like ‘He’s going stand here only?’ I literally started from scratch.”

Talking about the scene in the Sonakshi Sinha co-starrer, Ranveer Singh said, “I didn’t know at that time when I was making that choice for Lootera. You operate from a place where you are not comfortable with your craft, a place of insecurity and nervousness and you tend to do a lot more to achieve a certain effect… sometimes to the degree of harming yourself. I wouldn’t do it now as I know that there is more efficient way of doing it.”

He continued, “Back then, I am thinking to myself: ‘I have never been shot, now I am going to get shot. So how am I going to depict a real sort of pain on screen?’ Now when I look back on Lootera, I watch the scenes like this (leans back and make an expression of discomfort) because it takes me back to a memory of an immense amount of physical pain. It’s all real. But today, having acquired more knowledge and comfort with my craft, I know that there is another way of creating that effect.”

Well, your dedication to making the pain seem as real as possible is still remembered well by your fans.

Happy birthday, Ranveer Singh.

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