Mimoh Chakraborty Takes Up Mixed Martial Arts To Stay Fit
Mimoh Chakraborty Gets Candid About Doing Mixed Martial Arts & Crossfit To Stay Fit (Photo Credit – Facebook)

Actor Mimoh Chakraborty, son of veteran star Mithun Chakraborty, has taken to mixed martial arts and crossfit to stay in shape.


“I love the endless possibilities that mixed martial arts bring. It amalgamates fitness, fights, and discipline in the best possible manner. It’s pure heart and art. I love Bruce Lee not just for what he had done for action movies but also for his life disciplines and values,” said Mimoh.


Mimoh Chakraborty added: “Mixed martial arts developed as a discipline a couple of decades ago and Bruce Lee’s style in martial arts can be hugely considered for that. One could imbibe them and become the best at what she or he does.”

Mimoh Chakraborty said crossfit is another challenging form that’s been a part of his regime for long. He said, “It makes me feel so different post a session. It pushed my body to the absolute limit and beyond. I think we all should imbibe a fitness form and a sport into our lives. There is really nothing like them.”

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