Dia Mirza: "We Need To Rethink The Way We Treat Our Female Characters In Films"
Dia Mirza: “We Need To Rethink The Way We Treat Our Female Characters In Films” (Pic credit – Dia Mirza/ Instagram )

Dia Mirza stresses the need to call out the objectification of women in cinema


“We need to rethink the way we treat our women and female characters in films,” said actor and climate changemaker Dia Mirza in a conversation on women’s global rights. Dia was part of a humanitarian series by Liberatum where she spoke at length about the objectification of women in cinema and why the narrative needs to change.


When asked women characters are being portrayed in what is termed as ‘item songs’ or vulgar lyrics that in some cases alluded to assault, Dia Mirza said, “There are different types of people who tell stories in cinema and a lot of what is made is their reflection of what they understand of what is happening in society, what they learn from their experiences, what they imbibe and consequently how they reflect that through their cinematic journey. And then there are some who don’t think of any of this and treat cinema like a mass entertainment business that caters to a vast percentage of the audience. And unfortunately, there is a large part of the audience that does enjoy this narrative and it is disgusting.”

During the conversation, Dia Mirza stressed upon the importance of refusing to accept this narrative and was happy that actors are increasingly calling out the objectification, “It is deeply offensive and I really feel that more and more of us need to come forward and refuse this kind of narrative and keep it very apparent that this is unacceptable to us as women. The good thing is that more and more women are refusing to be a part of this narrative and refusing to be objectified. One thing is a celebration of sensuality, but then there is this objectification.”

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