Selena Gomez – Most Followed celebrity on Instagram, Billboard Woman Of The Year 2017, Actor/Singer/Producer, and the list goes on. We wonder if there’s anything that the beauty hasn’t done in life! On the other hand, Deepika Padukone – Top Most Bollywood Actress, Represented India at International level, Badminton player/model… okay we really need to put a full stop here. Isn’t this the best of both worlds? Bizarre as it may sound, but both our favourite divas have a lot in common. Don’t believe us? Below’s the proof!


If you notice, Selena Gomez & Deepika Padukone, both aren’t actively interactive on their social media. Regular Instagram stories, random posts aren’t just their thing. They post once in a while, but trust me when they do, they steal our hearts all over again with their beauty!

The heart wants what it wants. Nobody’s unaware of Selena Gomez’s unsuccessful love for Justin Bieber & Deepika Padukone’s love for Ranbir Kapoor. While their ex’s have reportedly cheated on them and might have moved on in life (Justin Bieber recently got engaged to Hailey Baldwin & Ranbir Kapoor is allegedly dating Alia Bhatt), and so have they but the soft corner is apparent on the beauties’ faces and somewhere all of us feel they couldn’t have been more happier when they were with them. Reminds you of the picture that Selena posted on Justin’s birthday and Deepika posted on World Photography Day?


Apart from the Glamour world, both share equal passion for their respective business lines. While Selena is currently enjoying the release of her latest collection with Coach, CoachxSelena, Deepika on the other hand has her clothing line All About You. Moreover, both have been roped in for brands like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and they’ve sizzled the covers of the magazines.

Deepika Padukone shared about her battle with depression in 2015 and went on to break the stigmas attached with it, further motivating her fans and the audience to not hold on but be open about it. She also founded a non-profit organisation, Live Love Laugh. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez battled with Lupus, a rare disease in 2016 and did her best to create awareness amongst the audience about it. The world turned upside down for each of their fan but we loved how inspiring figures the both had become.

Last but not the least, Deepika & Selena have been immune to trolls, backlashes, hatred from other celebrities/audience and has always been confident about their body, their outfits, making it clear that they believe in carrying outfits that they feel comfortable in and like rather than wearing clothes in order to please their audiences.

I’m always, all in, out and out rooting for my favourite goddess’ from both the worlds. How about you?




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