Crew Teaser Review: Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Kriti Sanon Are The Official Queens Bringing Back Much Needed Laughter Riot To Bollywood
Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Kriti Sanon’s Crew Teaser Will Make You Want To See It Now! ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

It is officially the season of flying on-screen, be it on-screen or otherwise. Ekta Kapoor & Rhea Kapoor’s new offering Crew is next to join the flying trend and the teaser of the film ft. Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon is promising a riot.

The year 2024 started with Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s Fighter, which was all about flying fighter jets, and it was followed by the flying God of India, in Teja Sajja’s HanuMan. Next arrived Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon, flying high in spirits with Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, and now Kareena, Kriti Sanon, and Tabu have arrived and how.

The teaser of Crew, helmed by Rajesh Krishnan, is only a 1-minute 38-second glimpse, but it is such a relief to see a film promise a laughter riot with only a glimpse. It is also a relief since it has been a long time since Bollywood has enjoyed a comic entertainer.

Crew is releasing on March 29, but the teaser of the film will make this wait look too long. The three actresses, who are seasoned performers, seem to have already promised a sure-shot hit at the box office as they are promising to bring back laughter in Bollywood films, which currently scream with gunshots and bullets and are painting the screen red with bloodshed.

While action has been the flavor of the season since last year, Crew seems to have a much-needed break. The teaser starts with a bang with Tabu‘s voice welcoming you on board saying, “Deviyon aur Haraamiyon….aap apni nirdharit manzil tak pahunch chuke hain.” While the teaser has been brilliantly edited, it brings out a balance between the three leads, which generally is a rarity. Tabu, Kareena, and Kriti – in the same seniority order are air hostesses, and by the end of the teaser, you’ll want them to meet on reel but not in real.

The ear-catching Choli Ke Peeche reboot in the background adds a great element to this already genius teaser, also offering glimpses of Kapil Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh!

So, while the three queens warn you that, “Ek cheenti hi kaafi hoti hai, Haathi ki maarne ke liye…yahaan to teen cheentiyaan hai…” we are already excited to watch the three power-house performers bring down the entire house with their dark comedy. Their camaraderie looks perfect, giving perfect takkar to the best trio of Bollywood – Raju, Shyam, and Baburao!

So while Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon might be at par with Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal’s Hera Pheri trio, their twisted Hera Pheri in Crew is promising an entertaining show.

Have a look at the teaser here.

Waiting for March 29 to come soon while we crown the queens and take a bow!

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