#BoycottErosNow, #ShameOnErosNow Trend As Twitterati SLAM The Streaming Platform For Hurting Religious Sentiments
#BoycottErosNow, #ShameOnErosNow Trend As Twitterati SLAM The Streaming Platform For Hurting Religious Sentiments

After Eros Now’s se*ually explicit Navratri tweets went viral on social media, many enraged users on the social media started trending #BoycottErosNow and #ShameOnErosNow started to trend. Users and many celebs have criticised this move of the production house tweeting against them.

One of those celebs being Kangana Ranaut. She bashed the streaming platforms, saying “We must preserve cinema as a community viewing theatre experience, its more difficult to enthrall large section of audience than sexualise content for personal oviewing, digitisation of art faces this major crisis, all streaming platforms are nothing but a p*rn hub. SHAME.”



She also wrote: “And it’s not streaming platforms fault when you wear headphones and watch content in your personal space all you need is instant gratification, it’s important to watch the movies with entire family, children, neighbors it must be a community experience.”

“Community viewing enhances our awareness when we know someone is watching what we watching we want to be who we want them to think we are, we make conscious choices, censorship of what we feed our brains n emotions is very important and censor can be our own conscience as well,” concluded Kangana Ranaut.

One of the memes in the question featuring Ranveer Singh reads, “Let’s have some majama in my pajama.” Another meme featuring Salman Khan, reads, “You need a dandi to play dandiya. I have one.”

Tagging Eros Now’s CEO, a user tweeted, “This guy is responsible for pushing such mentality into Indian culture #BoycottErosNow #BoycottBollywood #NarcoTest4SSRKillers #PublicWithRepublic.”

Eros Now tweeted an apology letter which also wasn’t taken well by the users.

Another user asked Eros Now to apologise properly, the tweet reads, “Ur apology is nonsense. What do u mean by u apologize if u have hurt anybody’s sentiments. 80 crore Hindus of India are not Anybody’s. Apologize properly. #BoycottErosNow”

Another infuriated user tweeted, “Dear @ErosNow, Why have you posted these double-meaning vulgar banners for the auspicious festive season?

I have a feeling that these brands already know that people will feel offended and they will run hashtags, and therefore they will get FREE publicity. #BoycottErosNow”

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