Its time to look at the hits and misses of Bollywood’s Box Office Tournament. While Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are the leading scorers placed comfortably in the 200 crore club stand, looks like the other Khan (Salman) was struggling to to keep up.

The first innings saw 3 Idiots declaring the match at the score of 202 crores. Upping the ante and setting a sky-high target, Dhoom 3’s clown thief and circus girl, Aamir-Katrina pulled off a mammoth of 280 crores. SRK and Deepika’s Chennai Express team were all-out at 226 crores.

With Jai Ho’s Salman Khan chasing the humongous total, run-out at 111 crores sealed its fate. The people’s man was hit badly by the aam aadmi. Ouch!

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Box Office Tournament : Dhoom 3 (Aamir Khan) Leads, Jai Ho (Salman Khan) Run Out
Box Office Tournament : Dhoom 3 (Aamir Khan) Leads, Jai Ho (Salman Khan) Run Out

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  1. Krrish3 earned more money than CE in internal market but koimoi tends to overlook it. Instead they tried to uplift Sallu’s Ek Tha Tiger. Is it Khan’s mania or something else? We are getting sick about it. Look, there was no reason to give an award to SRK for CE, but some awards he got. What’s the fact behind it? Wake up guys.

  2. finally koimoi admitting the scandal of Krrish3’s fake collections! it was actually the biggest shame of the decade..Hrithik is sadly paying this on personal front! he didn’t need such a disgusting move..iam a hrithik admirer and he shall come back to the race soon!

  3. I agree with Sdd,politics is involved,certain somebody from CE doesn’t want his record to be broken so he manipulates the media as he always does with awards.But this time he couldn’t with the Fimfare Awards so without getting an award,he skip the function thinking his absence awards would stop the function,thats why the organizersl brought another superstar who equals his status and NOBODY MISSED HIM at all.The show was fabulous.Even so he tried to devalue it through media that the show wasn’t good.He can manipulate other awards but The Filmfare Awards is the worthy one and Aamir holds the record.

  4. I just can’t beleive SRK fans still think ce as biggest blockbuster. All srk fans please rub your eyes as u r looking at mammoth 500 crs worlwide Dhoom 3 collections.

    It has beaten all possible records that srk can even think of so chill guys out of 3 movies Aamir is leading with 2 movies in 200 cr club only actor to have achieved this milestone.

  5. I think i agree with koimoi that krrish 3 collections did look exaggerated. The clear winner is dhoom 3 followed by chennai express then ek tha tiger then yeh jawaani hai deewani then krrish 3. Hope awesome movies like dhoom 3 are made in future

  6. SRK manipulated the figures of CE to break 3Idiots’ records? After all, he is known has Mr. Manipulator for winning awards!

  7. KICK is coming soon to break dhoom 3 record

    after all.. many people watch salman movie….which is entertaining …..he should not do message oritented movie…………….

  8. heyy how can u say that srk manipulated the figures?????…..chennai express was loved by everyone because srk did that role for first time…..coming to international markets krrish 3 had collected only 45 crores while chennai express collected 125 crores…..better look at figures before talking…..chennai express had only 6 days of free run…..dhoom 3 had 3 weeks krrish 3 had 2 weeks… if chennai express had 3 weeks just imagine what must have been collections…..still it collected more than OUATIMD……so better shut up…..

  9. I think ce is bigger hit becoz CE had just 6 days free run while dhoom3 and kris 3 had full 2 weeks, more over ce was risky project, but dhoom and kris were superhit even before release

  10. Hakla SRK manipulated the figure of CE, where as Salman is still number one at boxoffice india. second is Aamir, SRK is down to 4 th place. Salman’s new film on Eid KICK will break all the boxoffice records. Then again, Salman’s Bade bhaiya will break his own record of KICK.

  11. all were telling jai ho will break the record but jai ho to dhoom 3 joote ke bhi barabar nahi hai. jai ho is flop a huge flop.


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