Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta

I had the opportunity of watching excerpts from Ra.One on Saturday evening. And should I say, I was mesmerised by what I saw? Stupefied? Dumbfounded? Actually, all of this. Although I saw random scenes, they made a lot of sense because producer Shah Rukh Khan was there to explain the missing links in his private preview theatre.


What clearly emerged from the 35-40 minutes’ screening was as follows:

  1. Never before in the history of Bollywood has the audience seen as grand production values as what are seen in Ra.One.
  2. The visual effects are mind-blowing.
  3. But it is not just about technical wizardry and a big, very big canvas. There is a very very Indian story around which the technology has been used supremely intelligently. And it is this Indian core of the film which will give its run in cinemas longevity.
  4. There will be deafening applause in the cinemas, not once or twice but a number of times in the film.
  5. The interval point is very exciting and will draw a round of thunderous applause in the cinemas.
  6. The film has raised the bar for Indian films in general and superhero films in the sub-continent in particular. In fact, some scenes gave the impression that this film could be India’s answer to James Cameron’s Avatar which also abounded in visual effects and was in 3D.
Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.One
Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One

Shah Rukh fans, get ready to be blown out of your minds.

So, all you, Shah Rukh fans, get ready to be blown out of your minds. You’ve never seen your idol in any film thus far as you would see him in this film. And yes, it isn’t as if those who aren’t fans of Shah Rukh Khan would not enjoy the film. They too would because there’s a lot of ENTERTAINMENT value in the film which has a running time of approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Get ready to experience veritable earthquakes in cinema halls across the world. Bollywood history is set to be re-written and the process begins on Diwali day, October 26.

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