Arjun Kapoor Addresses Unfair Criticism & Body Shaming
Arjun Kapoor Talks About The Unfair Criticism & Body Shaming He Is Subjected To(Photo Credit – Instagram)

It’s been 9 years since Arjun Kapoor made his smashing big Bollywood debut with Yash Raj Films’ Ishaqzaade alongside Parineeti Chopra. The actor in no time was labelled an entertainer and has been a part of some big films. But the ride has not been as smooth as it looks. Unfair criticism, and trolling have been in his share ever since his second film, and he very graciously has faced it all.


Arjun Kapoor, who is right now in the news for his latest film Sardar Ka Grandson, joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat and was asked about his way of dealing with unfair criticism. The actor was candid about the fact that he does receive a lot of it, and that he has also been subjected to body shaming, but he knows what to keep and what to let go. Below is all you need to know & what Kapoor exactly has to say.


When asked how does he deal with unfair criticism that comes his way, Arjun Kapoor, in an exclusive chat, said, “You have to realise firstly who is criticising you. I always say this, jo log criticise karte hai woh apko follow karke criticise karte hai, to ut pataang lagta hai to take that seriously. The quest to become an actor was never to be perfect and impress everybody, you cannot please everybody, so you should not try. Criticism coming from healthy space to help you get better your craft or appreciating the film that you did, vo sir aankhon pr kyunki aap paise de rahe ho or aaj ke time me you are watching it, consuming it and you are giving a proper feedback. I respect that.”

Further in our conversation, the actor addressed body-shaming and how he knows the profession demands him to look his best self. He also accepts that he has failed at it sometimes. Arjun Kapoor said, “I will put it into perspective. Sometimes even critics feel the need to criticise a lot more than they need to because that is important to them. Because unko kuch likhna padta hai. You cannot take the excessive nature of criticism also seriously. You have to know your standards, you have to know your self well enough to realise. Okay, I have given my best, I am working hard, I will work harder and improve on these facets. See somebody has an issue with how broad structured I am, I can’t cut my arm off na? And if somebody today does not know what I am dealing with in my life, with the health issue or all that’s is going on in my personal space, where it might have reflected a bit in my life. I might have not looked the way they expect me to look, as long as it is not hindering the way I connect with the on screen, I cannot take it seriously beyond a point.”

Arjun Kapoor concluded, “Yes, I owe it to my profession to look best, I strive for that. Some days I succeed, some days I have failed. You live and learn. But I cannot take that to heart. It does irritate you because a lot of people are superficial in criticising. Your performance gets negated sometimes, but you get up, and you work harder, thik hai aur mehnat karenge. Because mujhe pata hai audience ne jab accept kiya tha pehle to pyaar diya tha. Mujhe acha lagta hai jab acha criticism ata hai, ki yaar we liked his work earlier and we want him to do these kind of films, we appreciate him in this. I enjoy that criticism also. It helps me grow. But unfair criticism is coming from most people who actually follow you but like saying things because they feel it gets a reaction. So it’s a bit silly.”

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