Anushka Sharma To Malaika Arora, Actresses Who Turned Into Lockdown Beauty Experts!
Anushka Sharma To Malaika Arora, Actresses Who Turned Into Lockdown Beauty Experts! (Photo Credit: Instagram/ANUSHKA SHARMA, RAVEENA TANDON & MALAIKA ARORA)

The Covid-19 lockdown has helped many explore skills beyond what they usually do. While most have been cooking, baking, kitchen gardening and even cutting hair, some Bollywood actresses turned beauty experts for fans, with skin and hair care solutions and make-up tutorials on social media.

Here are a few of the Bollywood celeb set, who shared their tips and tricks to look good without stepping out.




Actress and mum-to-be Anushka shared the importance of dental hygiene on Instagram. The actress-producer spotlighted the necessity of regularly practising the ancient Ayurvedic method of oil pulling. She shared a string of pictures on Instagram where she is seen performing the “morning ritual”during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“My morning ritual of Oil pulling in the company of my sweet-smoosh-doggo Dude! Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practise known as ‘kavala’ or ‘gundusha’, a dental technique that involves swishing little oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for few minutes and then spitting it out. This action is excellent for dental hygiene and health and also draws out toxins in the body. As we are all using this time to take better care of our health and improve our immunity I thought of sharing this. Hopefully, it will be as beneficial to you too,” she wrote.


Raveena shared the ancient remedies to prevent hair fall. She shared a video on Instagram, where she talked about the benefits of “amla” or gooseberries during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In the video, she said in Hindi: “Stress and chemicals in water are a reason for hair fall”, adding: “There’s no better solution for hair fall than amla.”

For thin or falling hair, she suggests eating a couple of amlas every day. She also shared the recipe for creating a hair mask to control hair fall during the Covid-19 lockdown. She captioned the video: “#itsawednesday! Bringing to you the ancient remedy to strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall! Do try this! #beautytalkieswithravz.”


Bhumi treated her followers with a tutorial on how she does her make-up. In the video, the actress gave a step-by-step demonstration on how to put make-up on. “Just for fun!” she captioned her effort.


Dancing diva Malaika Arora posted a video talking about the benefits of aloe vera and shared that she uses it on herself because she has sensitive skin during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Alongside the video, Malaika wrote: “Skin issue is something that almost everyone in the world resonates with irrespective of their age or gender. Some have dry skin, some have oily, some have acne-prone skin and some have extremely sensitive skin like I do. I have to be extremely careful of what I put in my skin cos any wrong product can do more damage than benefit.”

Malaika said she swears by fresh aloe vera gel. “A natural ingredient that I swear by for my skin is fresh Aloe vera gel right from my very own home garden. Fresh Aloe vera agrees with most of the skin types so anyone can try it. Just cut one piece, slice it open and scoop up the gooey goodness from within and apply it evenly on ur face like a cooling mask. Rinse it with cold water after some time and voila! Your skin will feel fresh and smooth all day long.” The Covid-19 lockdown has really brought out the best from them.


Kirti shared that having natural juices is her secret of energy. She posted a picture drinking a glass of vegetable juice.

Alongside the image, she wrote: “‘Juice is the secret of my energy… I love juices… This is a mixed vegetable juice… Contains lauki, beetroot, palak, pudina, adrak, tomatoes, cucumber , nimbu and some sendha namak (salt) pretty much my whole fridge contents.”

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