Bollywood’s Superstar Salman Khan aka Blockbuster Khan or Dabangg Khan – is one of the most adored and devoted stars we have today in the industry. In the last two decades, we have hardly seen such kind of stardom which is enjoyed by Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. Irrespective of films not working, both the actors have a loyal fan base without any doubt.

From little kids to elders; every age group somewhere or the other is a true blue Salman fan and the box office collection of his films is a proof.

Salman Khan & His Tongue In Cheek Humour
An Open Letter To Online Trolls – Spare Salman Khan Because He Was & Will Always Be A BLOCKBUSTER Khan!

Today, I write this piece, not as a journalist but as a SALMAN KHAN fan, talking about his ‘sarcastic’ take (as everyone is referring to) on Priyanka Chopra’s exit from his upcoming film Bharat. During the promotions of Bharat, a lot has been written and spoken about Katrina replacing Priyanka, Priyanka leaving the film for her marriage with Nick Jonas, Salman’s who bruised because of her exit and what not! Haters also went on to say that Salman is trying to encash on his film’s promotions by taking Chopra’s name (and I just went ROFL).

Well, here I just want to ask one thing to whoever thinks all of the above – Why will Salman care if Priyanka made an exit? It was definitely a win-win situation for him since his and Katrina’s jodi is one of most loved on-screen jodis by the viewers. So basically it works in the makers’ favour. Secondly, if Salman’s ego is seriously bruised (as said by a renowned journalist) then he won’t even take Priyanka’s name (just remember the Vivek Oberoi controversy here).

We all know his humour is something which is the next level and yes, I do agree that he sometimes goes a little overboard. But then that’s Salman for all of us. If he can take his brother Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan’s case on national television, then this whole discussion becomes pointless. Like Katrina said recently in an interview – ‘You have to take everything Salman says with a big bucket of salt. And I think we all know that by now. He says it for effect; he does not mean it.’

Today, Salman has clarified his take about Priyanka and  told Bombay Times, “I am not taunting Priyanka Chopra at all. People would leave their husbands for a film like this, but I feel what she has done is the most amazing thing. She has worked so hard in her career. She really wanted to do this film and she left it to get married. I just joke about it in front of Katrina. If she says something about the film, I say, ‘Thank you, Priyanka’, hinting (playfully) she should say it, so that Katrina gets annoyed. I just tease Katrina. I have no problem with Priyanka. It’s a wonderful thing what she has done. She did it knowing perhaps that I might get upset, I might not like it or might not work with her… Despite all the thoughts that may have crossed her mind, she chose to get married to a man instead of this movie, which is a correct, noble and gutsy thing to do.”

By writing this article, it doesn’t mean I’m being biased towards Salman just because I’m his fan, but we are witnessing him and his behaviour since the last 25 years. I know this article would receive a lot of backlash from the ‘pseudo-intellectual journalists’ and yes, I’m ready for it.

What are your views on this whole thing? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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