Remember 2016’s Fan? (I do but for the reason of breaking by heart), I’ll not lie if I say I had huge expectations from it. With Zero, the pattern is somewhat similar – Shah Rukh Khan has experimented with his role, the story is fresh but there are many differences in the pre-release buzz. Zero is been helmed by a director, Aanand L. Rai, who rarely has missed his target. I watched Zero trailer yesterday and here’s why I think, if made well, this could be path-breaking.

Zero trailer comprises all the three characters of Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in a very clever way. There is at least one (or more) meaty scene for every one of them. But, naturally, it’s Shah Rukh Khan as a dwarf Bauua Singh that impresses you the most. Bauua is not perfect and he knows it; that’s the best thing about him. This is a trait directly adapted from Shah Rukh Khan’s real life; yes, I know how many times he has stood out to say that there’s no one like him but there were times when he has accepted that he isn’t perfect, and he knows that, just like Bauua does.

After Watching Zero Trailer, Here’s Why I Think Bauua Might Redefine The Image Of Shah Rukh Khan!
After Watching Zero Trailer, Here’s Why I Think Bauua Might Redefine The Image Of Shah Rukh Khan!

Bauua – a vertically challenged man who isn’t entirely happy with how his life has shaped up, but as Aanand L. Rai has promised he will teach us to celebrate our incompleteness. Shah as Bauua is a character which could turn out to be the most relatable role of his career. The major difference between all his roles and Bauua is – we all want to be like Raj and Rahul, but we somewhere all are Bauuas – incomplete yet beautiful.

Bauua Singh will have a universal appeal just for the human traits he possesses and hence if Himanshu Sharma’s story is anything what the trailer promises, Zero could trend amazingly well at the box office. Just a few moments to the trailer and we are as much excited for you guys to see it as much as you all are.

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