Adhyayan Suman BREAKS SILENCE On His Controversial 2016 Interview About Kangana Ranaut Doing Drugs
Adhyayan Suman BREAKS SILENCE On His Controversial 2016 Interview About Kangana Ranaut Doing Drugs (Photo Credit – Instagram / Adhyayan Suman / Kangana Ranaut )

It was in 2016 when Adhyayan Suman gave some explosive interviews regarding Kangana Ranaut. In one of his interviews, he revealed about her asking him to do cocaine. He also had talked about smoking Hash with her for a couple of times. That interview broke the internet back then, and it’s doing the same again.

Adhyayan recently opened up about the interview and how his name has now been dragged which, according to him, is unfair. He also labels that interview was an emotional outburst, and he wants people to respect his private space at this period of time.



In his conversation with DNA, Adhyayan Suman said, “Dragging me today is unfair. After that, people talk about mental health. I had also spoken about it, but I think unless you are a superstar, you have no right to speak.”

Adhyayan also added, “People have been dragging my name when today I’m in a better position. Why drag my name after an interview that was given almost five years ago. Why wasn’t any notice taken at that time? The interview was not to shame anybody or point fingers. It was an emotional outburst that I wanted to speak about. It’s good to be silent sometime but not all the time. This was just a case where I came out and spoke about what I had been through. With folded hands, I want people to respect my privacy and just be fair.”

Adhyayan Suman also took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets about the same. His tweets read, “My name has sprung up relating to an interview which I had given in 2016 !!!! People stop speculating and dragging me in this toxicity! I have not filed any case against anybody! I don’t intend to visit that dark phase of my life! Please, please I have moved on! Let me be! Media channels frantically call me to talk to me, please don’t call me if it is in regards to this matter I said what I had to in 2016 I have nothing else to say. I have had a huge struggle in regards to my work a dan finally I have seen a ray of hope. If u can’t support me, please do not drag my name in this!! I was ridiculed back in 2016 for speaking out by these media channels, and now I am sorry I have nothing to say! Regards.”

His 2016 interview was also with DNA, in which he said about Kangana Ranaut, “On her birthday in March 2008 at The Leela, she had invited everybody that she had worked with. She said ‘Let’s do cocaine in the night.’ I had smoked hash with her a couple of times before and didn’t like it, so I said no. I remember getting into the biggest argument that night because I said no to cocaine.”

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