Aamir Khan's 'Best Man' Amin Hajee Reveals He Tried To Convince The Couple
Here’s What Aamir Khan’s Best Man Amin Hajee Has To Say About Their Divorce

Saturday morning came as a big blow for the entire Bollywood industry as one of the most loved couples Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce after almost 15 years of their marriage. No one saw this coming, and fans were heartbroken. But today, the actor’s close friend Amin Hajee opened up about his feelings and revealed that he had tried his best to convince the couple.


We are sure that it must be really difficult for Amin to see his close friend’s marriage falling apart. Maybe that is why he shared that he is still coming to terms with Aamir and Kiran’s decision of a divorce.


In an interview with News18, Amin Hajee said that he and his family knew about Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s divorce for a while even though the announcement was made yesterday. Amin was also the best man for the Ghulam actor’s wedding. He said, “My family has known about this for a while but it’s just Aamir and Kiran and has decided to announce it today. I am still coming to terms with this great loss.”

Amin Hajee further added, “As we speak, they are together with Azad (Rao Khan) in Kargil. In fact, Kiran Rao sent me a photograph of the three of them today morning. I showed it to my family and told them that they are still together, but it is just that their marital status has changed.”

Amin further mentioned that Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s friends tried to speak to the couple to see if things could work out. Talking about it, he further said, “Aamir was the best man at my wedding, and I was the best man at his wedding to Kiran, so it is a personal loss for us. We sat together and discussed it, but as I said, these guys don’t make a decision unless they have gone through it thoroughly.”

“I didn’t tell them that you can’t do this, but I wish I could.” Amin Hajee added, “But I respect both of them and their decision. I know that it was heartbreaking even for them. I am really heartbroken, and I told my wife Charlotte. It’s a big defeat for me. Sometimes two good people may not be meant to be together.” We are sure that even all the fans must still be trying to come to terms with the fact that Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are no longer a married couple.

Amin Hajee concluded by saying, “We have to respect them, love them and accept this decision without raising any questions.”

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