Yesterday, we conducted a poll based on the first songs from Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 and Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero, inquiring which song would you prefer listening on loop! We have the answers and we must say there’s a huge gap with a very very clear winner but that’s not it. This is pretty much the answer to who’s winning this hype battle along with being victorious at winning audience’s attention and hearts!


Starting with Zero‘s Mere Naam Tu which is based on the brewing chemistry of SRK and Anushka, the song yesterday had 23M views and in a day has added more than 2M views to its kitty. More than 75% participants in the poll chose to play this song on their loop rather than Tu Hi Re from 2.0. Looks like the audience couldn’t be more clear!

2.0 VS Zero Follow Up Story: Here's Who Won In This Tu Hi Re Or Mere Naam Tu Battle!
2.0 OR Zero, Tu Hi Re OR Mere Naam Tu? Fans Have Decided & Here’s A Winner!


The Hindi version of Tu Hi Re from 2.0 released on Nov 24 and had 3.4M yesterday. It has till now has garnered 8.2M views are fans are rooting for their favourite Superstar Rajinikanth. Although, there has been huge hype created amongst the audience, the song seem to have lost the battle to Shah Rukh Khan’s romantic song as only 25% of the audience chose it above the later.

Though the Akki starrer is releasing in this week, it now has to be seen if it’ll go past our expectations unlike the song and turn out to be a blockbuster, earning praises from critics as well as its audience. Being a movie made on a budget more than 500 crores, its a huge risk that director Shankar has taken, and only time will tell if it was worth it! We hope it is.

2.0 is slated for a release this Thursday, that is, on Nov 29 whereas Zero will hit the theatres on Dec 21st.




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