AndhaDhun Music Review Rating – 3.5/5 (Three and a half stars)


Music Director/s: Amit Trivedi, Raftaar, Girish Nakod

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Amit Trivedi is one of those rare music directors on whom you can’t apply the law of diminishing marginal utility. No matter how many albums he does yearly, you’ll have more expectations from his next one. After delivering one of my personal favourites of this year in Manmarziyaan, he’s back to the zone he loves to be in. YRF’s favourite Jaideep Sahni has given the lyrics and it’s to be seen how this contrasting pair of Trivedi and Sahni Sahab works for the album.

Andhadhun Music Review: It Proves Why Amit Trivedi Is The Best Choirmaster Bollywood Has!
AndhaDhun Music Review: It Proves Why Amit Trivedi Is The Best Choirmaster Bollywood Has!

1. Naina Da Kya Kasoor – AndhaDhun Music Review

There have been very few songs in which Amit Trivedi enjoys himself to the fullest. Full marks to him for every song he sings but there are very few minus the dark ‘Trivedi’ trademarked shade. Naina Da Kya Kasoor is not a lyric-heavy song, what will make me revisit this song is Amit Trivedi’s tune & music. The words by Jaideep Sahni are too simple to like for my taste! Not saying simplistic lyrics don’t work but they should have a repeat value which this one totally lacks (apart from the hook line). This also has an electronic version & I think I might opt for that when I listen this song for the next time.

2. Aap Se Milkar – AndhaDhun Music Review

NO! This song fails from the hook line itself. Problem with AndhaDhun is, this movie targets a certain section of audience and this song will not appeal them. Many might like it but they don’t fall under the category of going to watch this in a theatre. This is tailor-made for Ayushmann Khurrana and he nails the reprise version of the song. Overall lyrics of the song are good but that hook-line is a turn off.

3. Woh Ladki – Andhadhun Music Review

This is THE SONG for me! This is something you come to find in an Amit Trivedi album. This song has a satisfying ‘Fur Elise’ feel throughout. A symphonic approach by Trivedi, Woh Ladki has lyricist Jaideep Sahni in his elements. The high notes by Arijit Singh just elevates this beautifully composed and written song. This should’ve been the song for Ayushmann to croon an unplugged version of.

4. Laila Laila – AndhaDhun Music Review

Trivedi has listened to a lot of Beethoven before composing this album. Laila Laila starts so amazingly well with Jarvis Menezes’ piano that it soars your expectations from it. 40 seconds into the song and Trivedi shifts the gears. Every song of the album till now has a very distinct pace and you can’t predict the next arrangement of any tune. With a very hummable chorus, this song is full of delightful lyrics by Sahni. It surely has a repeat value and you’ll like it more the more you listen it.

5. Oh Bhai Re – AndhaDhun Music Review

Again, a good start, even lyrically, but it all goes in drain once the song proceeds. I can’t see how this song working even on a situation in the film. Might be played in the background, like Sataasat in Blackmail, but still it doesn’t work for me. I understand what Sahni Sahab are trying to speak with this song but it required quirkier lyrics to leave that impact.

6. AndhaDhun Title Track – AndhaDhun Music Review

There couldn’t have been a perfect title song than this. I’m glad Raftaar took over the lyrics for this as it needed something haunting. With lines like, “Din mein sabko moon dikhe, jab andhe ko bhi khoon dikhe, andha bole maine dekha, andhe ki na sun” this song celebrates the theme of the film. The Dhol portions in the chorus just add to this haunting melody. One minor complaint – at some places Trivedi overpowers the music over the lyrics and that’s what kept me bugging throughout. I heard it on multiple music players, YouTube and other song streaming services, just to be sure if there’s any issue with my earphones, but it’s the same.

Last Word – AndhaDhun Music Review

All heard & done, AndhaDhun is definitely in the top 3 music albums of 2018 for me. Interestingly Amit Trivedi’s Manmarziyaan is the other one in top 3, so “iss saal sab marenge sirf Trivedi bachega?” With the entire symphonic approach, Amit Trivedi has proved why he’s the best choirmaster Bollywood has ever had. If I’ve to choose my favourite of all, it would definitely be Arijit Singh’s Woh Ladki.


Three & A Half Stars!




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