Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Vote For The Best Hollywood Show
Nominations For Best Hollywood Show 2020: Money Heist 4, S*x Education 2, The Crown 4, Schitt’s Creek 6, Queen’s Gambit, Better Call Saul 5 and The Morning Show(Pic credit: IMDb)

Television in Hollywood, unlike the Indian diaspora, has been of weightage and looked upon with the same lens as the films. As the theatres shut their doors, and people were stranded in their homes due to the pandemic outbreak, television content turned out to be a boon in the testing times. A good chunk of the Indian audience who was skeptical about investing time into Hollywood TV also did it and enjoyed the ride. The year turned out to be a carrier of the sequels to some hit shows and lived up to the standard.

Where Schitt’s Creek made us all shed that happy tear, The Queen’s Gambit brought us to the edge of our seats. Today as we get into 2021, let’s look at our nominations for the best Hollywood show. Also, don’t forget to drop your votes.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: The Morning Show
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: The Morning Show

It is about the people who wake up America and what goes around it. The story follows two women (Jennifer Aniston and Resse Witherspoon) as they battle their professional and personal lives amid the world that is majorly run by men. The power dynamic, the politics and baddies are the hurdles they need to pass.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Schitt's Creek
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Schitt’s Creek

What happens when the castle breaks, do you wait to collect the fallen pieces or build a new one? Schitt’s Creek narrates a story of a wealthy family that suddenly goes bankrupt and has to move into the titular place. The chronicles And shades of humans make the story. Season 6 focuses on Johnny’s expansion of the Rosebud motel empire and Moira’s film release.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Money Heist 4
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Money Heist 4

La Casa de Papel is undoubtedly Netflix’s jewel that they wouldn’t trade for anything. Money Heist that introduced the world to a genre in a way that hooked millions across, in its 4th season had a lot to offer. Gandía and Nairobi took the centre stage this time, and the popularity of the show doubled in numbers. The end of the season was satisfying but also heart-breaking.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: The Crown 4
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: The Crown 4

All hail the queen! The Crown has always been intense and heavy portraying the craziness of Britain’s Royal family. Claimed to be fictional, Season 4 went to become the most controversial one as it brought Princess Diana to the forefront. Keeping it aside, it was a cinematic marvel and a performer’s paradise. Peter Morgan continues to keep up with his streak of making an edge of the seat season.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: The Queen's Gambit
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: The Queen’s Gambit

It took 30 years to bring this story to life. No one could have thought chess could turn out to be such an exciting premise for a TV drama. Netflix’s Queen Gambit is about an orphan chess prodigy who aims to become the best player across. Her life and struggles add on to that, and a worth the time show is made.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Better Call Saul 5
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Better Call Saul 5

How can a show that has its direct connection to Breaking Bad can not make it to this list? Better Call Saul is a prequel to the hit TV series that made its way to hearts all over the world. The show follows James “Jimmy” McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a lawyer. Season 5 saw a shift in the dynamics and the good turning bad. In case you haven’t seen it, we are not taking names.


Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: S*x Education 2
Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: S*x Education 2

Digging further into the lives of ‘adorkable teens’, we see the show steering towards the favour of Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey). Apart from all the se*-awareness talks sprinkled in an almost accurate quantity, the second season of Se* Education did a whole lot for Otis & Maeve’s characters.


Best International Show Of 2020?

  • MONEY HEIST 4 (56%, 336 Votes)
  • SE* EDUCATION 2 (16%, 94 Votes)
  • QUEEN’S GAMBIT (13%, 81 Votes)
  • BETTER CALL SAUL 5 (7%, 40 Votes)
  • THE CROWN 4 (3%, 20 Votes)
  • SCHITT’S CREEK 6 (3%, 19 Votes)
  • THE MORNING SHOW (2%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 603

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