Princess Diana Will Always Be The OG Fashion ICON For The World & These Pics Prove The Same!
Princess Diana Will Always Be The OG Fashion ICON For The World & These Pics Prove The Same! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

There was, there is and there will never be anyone like the Princess of Wales, Diana. Her Royalness is the most beautiful of all time in the history of the Royal Family of England.

Princess Diana wasn’t just known for her giving, kind nature but also for her fashion choices. She has been one of the most significant fashion icons in the world.

Yesterday was her 23rd death anniversary and the Royal family paid tribute to the late princess. Prince Harry’s wife and former actress Meghan Markle is often compared to her late mother-in-law for making brave choices.

She died in Paris in a fatal car accident 23 years ago but it’s memories are still fresh in our minds. It was one of the darkest days in the history of mankind.

Princess Diana was known for her charity works, personal life and fashion choices. On her 23rd death anniversary, we are going to talk about some of the most iconic fashion choices that the Royalty had introduced to the world.

Here it is:

Pearl necklace with hat speaks volume if carried nicely. And can there be anyone better than Princess Diana herself introducing this look to the rest of the world? Nah!

Gingham bottoms with matching plain pullovers are the comfiest and chic choice to go for. In fact, there’s nothing like too much Gingham; you can always play with patterns. Look at that picture of Princess Diana, can you doubt her fashion choices anyway?

A well-tailored suit for a woman is no less than an accessory. Not just once, but Princess Diana has rocked suits on several occasions like a boss.

This is one of the most talked-about looks in the history of fashion. Princess Diana wore this black Christina Stambolian gown in 1994 at the Serpentine Gallery in London, and the Royal Highness looked every bit of goddess in it. That choker just added the right kind of bling to the entire look and her bright smile truly stole the show.

These days we see a lot of women related to the world of blogging and fashion wearing bicycle shorts. Do you wonder where that fashion came from? Well, now you know. Princess Diana had worn this Atlantic sweatshirt with bicycle shorts to London’s Chelsea Harbour Club.

Does this picture remind you of a Disney Princess? It was clicked at the Victoria And Albert Museum For The Splendours Of The Gonzagas Exhibition Gala where she wore this blue chiffon evening dress created by Bellville Sassoon. Interestingly, on the same day, her pregnancy was also announced.

Although Princess Diana was a Royalty but every time she made a public appearance, the Royal Highness gave a neck to neck competition to all the runway models.

Princess Diana wore this pale blue silk chiffon strapless dress with a matching chiffon stole made by fashion designer Catherine Walker. This is till date one of the best dress worn by the Royal Highness. Just look at that beauty.

When you talk about Princess Diana’s fashion choices, it’s not possible to ignore her wedding dress. This picture was taken on her wedding day, 9th July 1981. The Royal Highness wore a wedding dress by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, and the Spencer family tiara.

Princess Diana lived life to the fullest. I never had the privilege of meeting her but always felt positive about her vibe and aura. She is someone, I will always admire.

So, next time if someone tells you to live your life a certain way or to dress a certain way, lead by the example of Princess Diana. As a young girl, I’ve always been fascinated by Princess Diana because of the kind of impact she left on the world. I hope she’s happy wherever she’s today!

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