Nikki Tamboli abuses Jamsin Bhasin & she reacted this way
Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli ABUSED Jasmin Bhasin During A Task, Here’s What Happened Next! (Photo Credit: Instagram/Nikki Tamboli)

Day 12 in the Bigg Boss 14 house started with the incomplete task for immunity. After yesterday’s superb performance by Jasmin Bhasin, she put up a tough fight against Eijaz Khan again and no one could miss her sweet way of impressing the seniors. Whether it was giving a massage to Gauhar Khan, or doing a funny dance or the duo act with Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin did it all.

During the task, the Sanchalak – Nikki Tamboli appeared to be biassed towards a certain group. While contestants were arguing about Nikki being biased, Jasmin said that there is no point of their team playing the immunity task because the ‘sanchalak’ has already made up her mind. During the conversation, Nikki Tamboli abused Jasmin Bhasin with a bad word and Jasmin couldn’t take that. Jasmin also stated that she has worked hard to earn a name for herself in the television world and will not allow Nikki to abuse her. Jasmin also had a heart to heart conversation with the Bigg Boss on-camera questioning how can someone be abusive and not fair as a sanchalak.

Jasmin has been part of some great fiction shows and she has established herself as a household name. Being abusive is not in her nature. And she can never tolerate abusive words. In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, we also saw Shehzad Deol lose his cool and yell at Nishant Singh Malkhani referring to him as a eunuch.

Rubina and Jasmin immediately asked Shehzad to apologize in front of the camera to the community. This act of Rubina and Jasmin has been hugely appreciated by social media. One thing has been proved with Jasmin – she might be emotionally sensitive but not weak Her anger turns out into tears. She never backs off without adding her point which will have logic and sense. As she has rightly said,”I don’t seek attention I deserve respect.”

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