Bigg Boss 14: Lines that divide 'class' from the 'mass'
Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan Addresses The Classy VS Massy Debate!(Pic credit: Instagram/rubinadilaik, rakhisawant2511, arshikofficial, Colors Tv)

Has Bigg Boss 14 finally found its mojo in the age-old formula of class divide, at a time when the season has been struggling to find a saleable trick for high rating?

When Salman Khan stormed into his weekly meeting with housemates this past weekend, he seethed with rage and roared about the difference between “hum log” and “woh log”. The reference was to housemates who hail from urban and sophisticated backgrounds. And those who have risen to fame from among the masses. Salman, who has earned every bit of his superstardom being an out-and-out mass hero, naturally sided with the second lot.

During the weekend, Salman Khan took to the stage as host of Bigg Boss 14, and didn’t waste any time in declaring the two groups of the house, He called out the housemates who were acting cool, and targeting others.

He pulled up Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli, Abhinav Shukla, Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik for targeting challengers Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan for being ‘different’.

There are many reasons behind the dividing lines between the so-called cool group and the rest, and the biggest one is that they all are popular faces of the small screen.

If one talks about Rakhi and Arshi, they are mostly in the news for their dramatic antics or bizarre statements. They spell trouble and controversy — something which the popular faces probably want to avoid.

From body-shaming to making fun of their language to ridiculing their decision to opt for cosmetic surgery, Salman pointed at the contestants who were trying to act “cool” by taking personal digs.

“All of you target Rakhi because she has a different nature and you think she would become alone in the house. You people think Rakhi is uncool and you people are too cool for her. Rakhi is different and it’s her personality. You guys have no idea what Rakhi has gone through in life, what problems she had to suffer because she doesn’t talk about it. She always tries to entertain people. Rakhi is your equal and she is cooler than all of you,” Salman Khan recently said in the episode.

He decoded the current house scenario, saying it is divided between “hum log” and “woh log”, with “woh log” being the new entrants of the house.

It’s not just Salman who has spotted the difference in attitude, but even the show’s audience.

“I really wonder why did #Jasmin say sorry to Rakhi Sawant when she dint mean it at all? Jaisi woh waisi uski sorry,” actress Kamya Punjabi tweeted.

Actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee also tweeted: “I swear first Nikki and now Jasmin… is making #bb14 the worst and irritating show ever.. sacchi mein real vamp hai..oh god.. @BiggBoss.”

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Bagga tweeted: “Darasal #JasminBhasin and #NikkiTamboli and gang ko ye lag raha hai ki ikkhate ho kar Rakhi Sawant ki bezati kar rahe hai but inhe kya pata ki audience ke samne inki khud ki bezati ho rahi hai #BiggBoss14. #alygoni bhi #JasminBasin ko kafi samjhate h (Actually, Jasmin, Niki and gang thought they were insulting Rakhi. Little did they know that their actions insulted them in front of the audience. Aly Goni often explains things to Jasmin) but she is still repeating all this making fun of others and bullying.”

A user wrote: “I HAVE STARTED ADMIRING #RakhiSawant A LOT. She might not be a sophisticated woman. But atleast she is Humble towards everyoneRed heartWhich Matters the MOST. She doesn’t put others down by showing Attitude like some so called Big ITV Actresses.”

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