Chennai Express’s record breaking spree might not be over but it has definitely set new benchmarks already for the other upcoming biggies that are all set to scorch the silver screen in the next few months till we wrap up 2013 with a bang! With no Salmania around this year, the box office had been witnessing an entirely dull phase largely throughout the year barring some unexpected super successes in Aashiqui 2 or a Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. After YJHD’s dream spell of a mammoth 190 crores biz in the domestic circuit, all eyes were pinned on Rohit Shetty’s SRK-Deepika starrer comedy flick, Chennai Express to twist some tables around for the team.

Shah Rukh, who was in desperate need to prove his powerful hold over his kingdom, after being challenged by his contemporary once-upon-a-time arch rival Salman Khan or the new Gen-Y superstar Ranbir Kapoor, had to resort back to an otherwise mindless yet masaledaar action comedy to do the trick for him. With spectacular opening figures of 33.10 crores this Eid, the highest for any Bollywood film till date, Chennai Express has zoomed in with record speed encashing on its huge entertainment quotient like no other. Rohit Shetty, who amalgamated his comic presentation with SRK’s trademark lover boy character, has finally struck gold yet again. The movie, which has sustained well throughout its opening week, raking in an unprecedented opening week figure of over 156 crores nationwide, Chennai Express is definitely expected to rule the rooster and it is expected to cross the coveted 200 crore+ mark giving some stiff competition to 3 Idiots, which holds the record of the highest lifetime collections at the Indian box office.

Krrish 3, Dhoom 3 And Chennai Express Movie Poster
Krrish 3, Dhoom 3 And Chennai Express Movie Poster

Whilst Chennai Express has risen through with the shackles of moderate reviews and crude judgmental opinionated views regarding the portrayal of South Indians in the film, Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbaai Dobara has in fact snatched away over 1000 screens from the big budgeted comic caper. A moderate release might have slowed down the pace of OUATIMD on its opening day but the film is expected to pick up well henceforth in mass belts, given Akshay’s huge popularity and the film’s massy appeal, along with the muh-tor bhashanbaazi, a Milan Luthria trademark. Rowdy Rathore, featuring Khiladi Kumar stands as the actor’s best bet till date and it would not be surprising if he pulls OUATIMD too, across the number league with effortless elan. The major problem with OUATIMD, however is not the average reviews but the negative word of mouth that is causing the major backlash depriving the film the opportunity of having huge collections at the BO.

Next up is Besharam, which although does not conventionally fit into our bill of being the highest grosser of the year but well when it is Ranbir, never say never again! Belonging to a legion of cinematic brilliance, this fourth generation Kapoor superstar has definitely proved his mettle with some sketched characters and power packed portrayal on screen. No wonder, Ranbir is the only newcomer who has catapulted into the league of A-listers with assumed conviction as both his previous releases, namely Barfi! And Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani did magical business, with YJHD also being the third highest Bollywood grosser of all time. And with Abhinav Dabangg Kashyap’s ‘Besharam’ up for grabs, it would be nice to watch tapori Ranbir sail through the margins and reach the shores of the 100 crore club, oh-so-easily like YJHD!

Having CE shattering all previous sworn records, welcoming some brilliant new records to be broken, the biggest contenders for the throne definitely are Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3, the two of the most sought after and anticipated releases of the year along with Shah Rukh’s Chennai Express. Krrish 3, which has already created history by becoming the most viewed Bollywood trailer of all times, is a tell-tale superhero saga, the story of which is closely guarded by the maker and his team for all obvious reasons. The trailer, which released amidst a lot of fan fare has been moderately well-designed but could not really raise upto the standards of its precursors. Yet with a fan following as huge as Hrithik’s and having a film after almost a year and half, Krrish 3 is definitely flying notches higher than expected. Although Hrithik only has Agneepath to his name in the list of 100 crore films, Krrish 3 has immense euphoria and mass hysteria ornamenting the superhero sci-fi flick. And given the hype and the anticipation, Krrish 3 will definitely have an earth-shattering response at the box office where all records might just have possibilities to be broken yet again this year.

But the toughest and the most likely contender for the number one spot, which might just battle it out with YJHD and Chennai Express, in terms of collection is going to be Aamir and YRF’s coalition: Dhoom 3. Speed, style and suaveness is what the Dhoom series is famous for and having Aamir Khan at the helm of affairs provides a lot more credibility to the inherent ideas and innovations. A master of his trade, Aamir is definitely the one to look out for and with him essaying the antagonist (Fanaa, anyone?), Dhoom’s Third Edition will definitely be slicker and shinier than ever. An actor who has always tried to prove his versatility doing something new and bringing something very different onto everyone’s platter, Dhoom 3 is going to be one helluva treat for the movie buffs and with the motion poster already out, we are all set for a Dhoom this Christmas. You bet!

Now the point is will Chennai Express be able to cross the famous 200 crore mark and surpass the colossal 3-Idiots lifetime collections? Will OUATIMD capitalize and resist CE from doing the same? Will Besharam be Ranbir’s Dabangg affair? Will Krrish 3 move ahead of all our expectations and set a new benchmark? Or will it just be Aamir Khan yet again, settling to create another record with his chor-police game from Dhoom 3? With two thirds of the year almost coming to an end, its just few more months till we have all answers to our queries.

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  1. OUATIMD is a washout. Besharam will be shamed at the box office. Krrish 3 has a chance but will face competition from Rajnikanth’s Kochadaiyaan. Dhoom 3 seems the most likely to break the record.

    • No, way because ‘Happy New year’ has ‘The big bimbo(Abhishek Bachchan)’ in it. Use dekhkar hi jo hall main jane wale hai wo bhi wapas aa jayenge(like me) :P

  2. Non of these but kick or sooraj barjatya film with salman khan name of having with Prem will top the roof of boxoffice for long time ………….

  3. CE records will not be broken very soon…D3 has chances but aamir does not fit into such roles of immense action remember films called Baazi n Mangal Pandey ….

  4. Krrish 3 and dhoom 3 both have a great chance although krrish 3 has the advantage of more family audience and a huge franchise with kids. It would be foolish to write off Besharam though and RK’s power. Who would have though YJHD would fetch more than 190 cr. He is a superstar although many would deliberately not admit it but they know it in their heart.

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  6. Krrish 3 won’t make opening day or opening weekend record or such (that all will be made by dhoom 3) but Krrish 3 will eventually end up as the highest grosser ever in history of Indian cinema thanks to its appeal to a family audience which will make it a product worthy of repeat value.

  7. Just wait for Jai Ho and Mental….. SRK n others actors will go mental.

    The undisputed king of box office for the last 4 yrs has been salman khan…. SRK is quite lucky that there are no any salman’s release this year… Next year their will records which will be unbreakable…

  8. i think krrish 3 has better chance to set a new record that even dhoom 3 can’t beat it.aamir’s last realease taalash couldn’t collect 100crs.where as hrithik’s agneepath break opening day record nd reaches 100cr club.krrish franchise is bigger nd better than dhoom franchise.every krrish franchise movie has different plot but dhoom franchise has same plot to heist money nd bank.from 6 yr old child to 60 yr old people will go to theatre 4 krrish 3.but dhoom 3 appeal is limted from 16-40 krrish 3 will set new record.but dhoom 3 will also do better but krrish 3 has more advantage than dhoom 3.

  9. krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 are more bigger movies than CE. but none of these movies gonna have the holiday benefits like chennai.

    And instead of taking advantage of 4days holiday krrish 3 makers are planing to release it on sunday which i think is a bad idea.

    Being released on sunday or monday it’ll break the first day record but will affect it’s lifetime collection.

    And if dhoom released on 25th december it’s sure to break the opening day record by a huge margin, but it won’t break the weekend record of CE.

    CE got advantage from well held holidays, wise moves of UTV + stupidity of Ekta Kapoor.



  11. I think K3 will collect 150cr n D3 will collect 170-180 lifetime. Coz both film has craz but mass centers will be low as both r modren hollywood style movies nothing attractive for masses. Both films r multiplex movies not for single screen.


  13. 100% KRRISH3 or DHOOM3 will break its record…
    bkz krrish is superhero(every children in india must watch with family) dhoom is Mr. Amir(3 idiot,ghajini)

    • 3idiots aur ghajini ka reference diya hai lekin Talaash ka naam tak nahi likha , Q bhai ??? sab se recent to Talaash hee hai naaa. Flop movie,,, haha

      • adnan bhai tumhare jab tak hai jaan se toh achi hi thi talash…lolzzzzzzzzzzz

        waise aapne b toh,jthj aur don 2 ke record ki baat nahi ki…….

        Acc to me krrish 3 will break record because whether it may b salmaan fan or srk fan they like hrithik as an actor and they will go to watch……

  14. Any movie can’t beat the record of chennai express on domestic box office dhoom3 or krrish3 let us see wait and watch.

  15. No one can beat there records, 100cr in just one weekend, koi mazaq samjha hai kia, King Khan k elawa mujhe koi actor nazr nahi araha hai bollywood ka jo yeh records break kar sake… King will remain king.

  16. Aamir Khan as usual is shatter box office with his Dynamic, Majestic and Dangerous Dhoom 3. He’s Super hot and sexy, super awesome and superb in his movies. Aamir is bk in action, a man not to be rekoned with. Hey Guys be prepared, A Storm is coming ur way.

  17. K3 gonna break all these records . Krrish 3 Gonna Collect 100 cr in 2 day . and its Lifetime Collection ? ..ha ha u can only Imagine more than 400 cr ( at Indian BO only )

    Hrithik Rules

  18. 100cr in a weekend its impossible for any film in this year whether its krishh3 or Dhoom3 and ya what about Talaash from Mr perfectionist it was very boring movie and hrihiks Guzarish

  19. “Krrish 3” is one film which is going to be seen by both the masses and the classes. The buzz is huge which means the opening will be great as well. If the stor and film is any good then the children will want to see the movie. They will take their parents with them. Also Hrithik and Vivek fans along with the youth will also be attracted because of it’s sci fi premise and VFX. Though if it releases on a Sunday then the night shows might face low occupancy because of people attending Pooja or enjoying festivites. Also there are very few holidays in the week after it’s release. In order to break CE record of opening week, Krrish 3 will need to get tremendous Word of Mouth and also good reviews. Only if that happens will it able to earn that much in the first week.

    On the other hand “Dhoom 3” is also a huge franchise and with Aamir Khan in it and Christmas release it too will sure have a grand opening. Though family audiences/kids might stay away from the movie owing to the glamorous appeal it has. Another concern is the director. He was the one who directed “Tashan”, so there will be doubts about how good the movie is. And last but not the least the movie has Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra who frankly were miserable in Dhoom 2. If the movie is good then it has much better chance of breaking the record.

    But one thing that I am sure of is that Chennai Express’ record will be broken. Now whether that is by either one or both of these movies is what is left to be seen.

  20. KRRISH3, DHOOM3 chennai express ka record break kar dengi….
    CE ki tarah movie saal me 6 aati hai aur krrish3, dhoom3 ki tarah movie 6 saal me ek aati hai…..

    • yeh bakbas mat kar.chennai express ka all record todne ke liye amir/hritick ko firse janam lena parega.srk jo v karta hai wo super duper hit ho jata hai.he is the king of bollywood.never comapare with srk with any actor.he is the global super star in all india……….srk srk srk only srk.aur sab bacchey hai.srk is the boss………….

  21. chennai express thu-eid, fri-eid, sat-second sat,sun
    so here is a clean holiday weekend then next thurs was independence day
    krrish 3 is releasing on a monday
    besharam on 2oct but on a wednesday next day collection will drop
    dhoom 3 on 20th or 27th as no movie has released on 25th dec except 3 idiots as it was a friday
    SO it is clear that none of the awaited movies have 3 days of complete holiday but i am not saying that they dont have the potential but 100cr in 3 days will a hard nut to crack

  22. Dhoom3 will break all records.

    CE records will be forgotten within 3 months. Mark my words.

    Dhoom3 will release in over 4000 screens and go house full all over in first week, my prediction it will score 50crore first day!

  23. Krrish won’t be able to break CE’s first day record if it falls on Diwali day..but will definitely break second day record! other records depends on content!
    as for dhoom3 it has the potential to break some of the records if not all records but the maximum that it can do is 35cr in a single day..40cr+ is out of reach!

  24. Knowing Mr Perfectionist, he is gng to shatter all box office record. Dhoom 3 is the much Awaited blockbuster for 2013. Comming from a top notch Director , a brilliant Actor, an Academmy award winner, A nobel price winner and Mr Perfectionist, is an unforgetable and unevitable , Dangerous and Dynamic Dhoom 3.

  25. this year will end with a DHOOM. Again Amir Khan will make a landmark. baqi na SRK mere chachy ka putar hai na Amir khan.

  26. not possible for amir to beat srk ….he looks funny in dhoom3 trailer and the role doesnt suit his small posture . bike looks bigger than him and he looks like a kid on the bike

  27. SRKs record only SRK can break .
    Amir doesnt have that fan following , hrithik not a crowd puller , salman just for masses ………..but the only actor liked by one and all is King khan any day.

  28. Aamir Khan has always set new bencmark as far as box office collection is concerned. Ghajini became the first movie to enter the 100 cr club than 3 Idiots became first movie to enter the 200 cr club.

    Now with Dhoom 3 cuming in Christmas it could well become the first movie to enter the 300 cr club.


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