Jai Ho witnessed a slight drop on its 1st Tuesday. As per early estimates, this Salman Khan starrer managed to earn approx 7.75 crores at the Domestic Box Office. With this income, it swelled the film’s total to 75.75 crores at the Box Office.

Salman Khan in a still from 'Jai Ho'
Salman Khan in a still from ‘Jai Ho’

The film has been earning steadily in the weekdays witnessing the expected drop in its numbers. Its performance is absolutely in sync with the estimated figures based on screen count and the ticket prices.

Though the weekday occupancy for the film has remained consistent, the deterrent in the current trend of collections has been the lowered ticket costs which Salman insisted on keeping moderate unlike the hikes we witnessed during Chennai Express and Dhoom 3.

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  1. after a long time i want a salman movie to earn more and more but surprisingly,,jai ho is not showing the numbers like on the level of the appreciation it has got..
    the movie deserves good numbers…
    i have a new idea that a film must not be given a hit status only on the basis of collection…

    this is a new idea,,i don’t know will it be a proper way or not but i think that along with collections,,,every producer,,every boxoffice sites should show the number of tickets sold of every film…
    i don’t think it is difficult to show the number of tickets sold…as the collection is calculated on the basis of tickets sold…
    tickets with collections will give more and more clear idea about the potential and true success of any film…
    and i still believe that perhaps,,3 idiots and sholay(considering the ticket prices in 1975),,are only biggest movies in terms of number of footfalls…
    suppose a film released on holiday weekend with average ticket prices ranging from 140-200 per ticket will collect 15000 rs on sell of 100 tickets worth rs.100 each..
    and a film with normal release and normal rates will make 10000 on sell of 100 tickets worth rs.100 each…
    thus we are getting a huge gap of 5000 rs only on the sell of 100 tickets…
    than think and imagine,,how big this gap will be when we will have all india collection on a holiday??/
    so i think that along with collection,,number of tickets sold must be included…
    so we will have a clear idea that till how long the section of audience,,the film has reached…
    i want readers view on this…

  2. I think jai ho movie must watch because it is being people man and story very good but direct is not so bad. i think so many people enjoy jai ho… this movie movie must be watch one time. i request shahrukh fan, please please no write bad comment. They are karan … arjun. please watch JAI HO..

  3. o! why dnt u notced that jai ho have atleast thousad more screen then chennai..if tickets rates r low then why dnt it runs packed houses in multiplexes dnt talk rubbish ok. gave us genuine reports not a child like bullshit.

  4. If the ticket was Rs500 then it would difinately cross Rs 37cr on the opening day..
    Jai Ho price was lower than D3 and CE
    D3 was Rs 700
    CE was Rs 700
    But Jai Ho us only Rs250.
    So 720000*250=Rs18Cr
    If jai Ho was Rs 500
    Then it would 720000*500=Rs36Cr

  5. Excellence movie! excellence performance by salman! 4500 screen release! Two open week! But why failed?
    lifetime will be 120-125cr, Why?
    I thik…
    salman fan does not want to show good film, they always like cramp film like Bodyguard, Dabang2…
    salman want big festive holiday to give blockbuster….
    Friend what you say?

  6. Ticket prices Op.weekend
    Dhoom 3-900rs. 107cr.
    Krrish 3-900rs. 68cr.
    Ch.Express-700rs. 100cr.
    Jai Ho-250rs. 58cr.
    If ticket prices of Jai Ho was 900rs. op.weekend will be 58cr/250rs.*900rs.=208cr.!!! if 700 then 58cr./250rs.*700=162cr.! Jai Ho have beats all records!

    • Lol i saw CE in its 2nd week at the rate of 75 rs per ticket at cinemax belandur Bengalore. It was the morning show though..
      From where you get this data of 700 rs. would you like to share the link please?

    • dudue how many imax theather do we have in india where ticket price is 700rs….and for your kind info….jai ho price is same 700rs at imax theather…..dont spread false news….

  7. Really good movie giving a social message ..fora a non holiday release its not bad and remember its January most people used money for important things like school n stuff but salman Iis truly being human by reducing ticket prices

    • wht would u say abt yeh jawani hai deewani….non holiday release….on 3200 screens….and went to earn 189=cr,,,,,dude sallu’s time has gone….he cant make his audiance fool by craps…….mind it and accept it

  8. koimoi be fair dont take side of that crape movie.. it release on 4400 plus screen & 700 screen in oversease..it ticket retes are equell to CE,K3 & d3.. erose bought it rights for 150 cr…it going to be flop so dont make it hit…. we are not fool.

  9. .yesterday salman said he is the responsible of failing jai ho at box office.. plz posted his interview here as many websites posted this yesterday on jai ho failer …… if tickets rates were low then why it does not run packed houses in multiplexes dnt talk rubbish ok. gave us genuine reports not a child like bullshit…. be fair

    • 1st learn some English and then write a comment dude!! Salman said, “If Jai Ho fails, I will take full responsibilty of the failure.” He did not say Jai Ho is already failed, it is heading towards more than Rs.100 Crore business, and the budget is Rs.55 Crore, the movie has already done 75 Crore business in india just in 5 days, and almost Rs.110 Crore business world wide; So, how can u call this film a failure or flop? And, it has 3 open weeks to run, are not u so early to declare the film flop?? Why u are so much interested in declaring a nice film flop?? Any bad relation with any people related to Jai Ho?? Wait and watch.. time will tell u the truth, but of course Jai Ho will not be a Blockbuster like other films of Salman Khan, because of so many reasons, yes low ticket price is one of the reasons, Dhoom3’s Highest ticket price was Rs.900, Chennai Express’s highest ticket price was Rs.750/-, but Jai Ho’s highest ticket price is Rs.250/-; multiplexes are not full packed because of the film showing in too many screens but single screens are still going houseful in most part of the country; every film should not have to be a record breaking film, and if any film can not break a record that doesn’t mean it is a flop film; will u call Don2, Singham, Agneepath, Rowdy Rathore, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Dabangg2 etc.. flop films because these film could not break any record???

  10. if ticket price where high like ce and dhoom 3 then jai ho would easily break so many records and ticket price are so much reduced in city like mumbai but in the rural side they are same

    • mr laher…ok for once lets accept that ticket price is kept low for jai ho,,,,,,even than what about occupancy……even lower fare are unable to attract them……and ticket price for ce d3 and jai are same….nothing has changed……sallu is looser this time…..accept the truth…..

  11. 4500+ screens in India, big budget, Salman is the lead…don’t talk bullshit, only 75 cr in 5 days is not a good score ! It will be declared plus, but the truth is that it’s a failure ! From a khan we expect more than 100 cr, we expect records….Jai Ho is a flop compared to CE and Dhoom 3 !

  12. I AM FAN SALMAN SAHARAUKH AMIR HIT MOVIE JAI HO I LIKE SALMAN KHAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I AM FAN SALMAN KHAN

  13. may jai ho reach atleast 150 crore mark ,as i am totally shocked such a good movie cant make money so easily as it is the month of jan as we know prices are very low, but then also i hope jai ho should do good business by coming weekends. if the movie is really good and reviews are quite appreciated and accepted by the audience .Then it will take time to reach 150+crore mark BUT SURELY it still has two weeks to do a good business

  14. i knew…sallu cant make us fool for too long…..and he has habit to give dasaster and flops….and one more to that tally…..and one more is comming out…..kick…i hope that will be kicked out by audiance as well…..

  15. Sach me ye movie achi hai. Behatarin kam kiya hai Salman bhai ne. Bahot acha massage diya hai( help karane ka). Action to ekdam kadak hai. Mere liye ye movie 1 no. Hai. Jarur aap dekhiye is movie ko.

    • Ek Numberrrrrrrrrrr manas… EK Numberrrrrrrrr Picture… EK Numberrrrrrrrrrrrrr… manas Ravi Sarkate aur Salman Khan…!!!

  16. Ek bat to hai movie bahut achi hai ek achhe msg k sath. Collection kam ho par movie achi hai. Ho sakta hai collection kam hone k karan aisi movie ek achhe msg k sath fir kavi jaldi aa na sake. So plz dear frnds dkhiye movie.


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