Shah Rukh Khan starrer Fan which released last week received a lot of praises from the critics. The film is being hailed to be Shah Rukh’s best performance in recent times.

Unfortunately, the film is not enjoying a great ride at the box office as the response is quite lower than expected. The film in its four day business has made a collection of 58 crores.

According to Bollywoodlife, the film may get a sequel.

A Sequel For Shah Rukh Khan's Fan On The Cards?
A Sequel For Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan On The Cards?

As reported by them, “Shah Rukh as well as producer Aditya Chopra are really thrilled with the kind of response Fan has received and are keen on developing the story further.”

Well, we are certainly excited about this. After Gaurav, who will be the biggest Fan to Aryan in the sequel?

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  1. You got to be joking. Fan is an all time disaster and the biggest disappointment to not only SRK fans but to those who over hyped the film. SRK career is on a slide and will continue to do so if those involved with him don’t start telling the truth and don’t butter things up thinking it will produce success.

  2. FAN might be a CRITIC-ally acclaimed film but is not doing well at Box Office counters. So, a sequel may just be a rumor. I hope the makers dump the idea from their minds ASAP.

  3. I think sequel is possible even FAN under performs at the domestic box office but it performs well in overseas.So, it won’t be FLOP as it is yield some profit also.Fan movie is not for masses, lack of romance and Loose script in the 2nd half might be responsible for the under performance of FAN . I think sequel of FAN is exciting to watch with a good script.

  4. For the first time I walked out after interval without waiting fir Climax…horrible movie.Like presstitutes even some critics are sold….sad to see such movie being praised

  5. Srk and Yrf can do anything for publicity.. Just faking it to generate some positive news about it..but the truth is Fan is flop..srk time is over.. Stop calling urself king now.

  6. people who commented here are all fools. they don’t knows about movies. For them movies like P.K, Bajrangi Bhaijan, Bajiro mASTANI are great movies. Have u ever seen the Oscar winning indian director Satyajit Ray’s Movies, Or Mrinal Sen, or Tapan Sinha or Shyam Benegal or Basu Chatterje or Hrishikesh Mukherjee. You have not heard of them. Learn about them then. Do not be ignorant because little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  7. For those who are judging FAN has bad script should continue to watch watch Bodyguard, Kick, Rowdy Rathore like south Indian remakes and whistle in their creepy item dances.
    This is definitely not a 200cr material because of lack of songs and romance that Indian audience want. This is completely out of the box creative idea of Manish and his team. A psychological thriller with brilliant make-up and action scenes are of world cinema quality and even western people did like the whole concept.
    Can anyone tell me the name of any other actor besides SRK in the film?
    huh? I believe 99% can’t name any other actor cast name.
    But just because of charismatic SRK, the one man army can make this film superhit alone.

  8. …64 crores in 5 days for a movie like fan is still good it has no songs …no actress …just SRK ..!!! Compare it with a similar movie like dhobi ghat starring Aamir Khan …that movie too had no songs …and it went on to collect just 16 crores !!! Fan being a similar kind of movie is far ahead !!! But still it is underperforming cause expectations from a srk movie always sky high !!!


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