WWE's Vince McMahon Reportedly Paid Ex-President Donald Trump's Charity $4 Million For His Participation In 2007's 'Battle Of The Billionaires'!
WWE Ex-Boss Vince McMahon Paid $4M To Donald Trump’s Charity? ( Photo Credit – Still from WWE )

When it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment one can never forget Vince McMahon. The former chairman of WWE is one of the brightest minds to bring the wrestling entertainment industry to where it is right now. In doing so Vince also included many A-listers and celebrities in the show. One of them was Donald Trump.

Talking about the same, did you know that the ex-boss of WWE had to pay $4M towards the 45th U.S. President’s charity? check out the details.



So we all remember the famous feud Battle of the Billionaires that happened in WWE back in 2007 in the WrestleMania 23 pay-per-view. At the front, the feud saw Donald Trump and Vince McMahon picking up a wrestler to represent them in the ring and the losing leader will have to get their hair shaved by the winner. Well, sadly for Vince he lost the battle and had to get his hair shaved by Donald Trump.

While this happened now it’s been reported that Vince McMahon had to pay Donald Trump’s charity a huge sum, to get the former’s head shaved. As per Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Vince and WWE had to pay a total of $4M to the now-defunct Trump Foundation, for Donald’s appearance on the show.

Along with this, it was noted that Donald had modified the contract in a way that even if he wins or loses he still gets to keep his hair. According to a source close to the development, the contract said that “under no circumstances would Mr McMahon be allowed to shave his head, even if Mr. Trump’s wrestler dropped dead in the ring,”

Revealing the same, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt had said in an interview, “Mr. Trump and WWE entered into a contract whereby WWE agreed to and did pay him personally an appearance fee of $1 million,” adding, “At the same time, the McMahons made a personal contribution to the Trump Foundation of $4 million. There was no additional fee paid to Mr. Trump, or any additional contribution to the Trump Foundation, due to the success of the event.”

So what are your thoughts on Vince McMahon shaving his head of publicity for his show, and him paying $4M for Donald Trump’s appearance? Do let us know in the comments

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