Did You Know? Rick Boogs Consumed Cat Food For Muscles
Rick Boogs Reveals Story Of Gaining Muscles ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

In WWE, we have seen superstars transforming themselves like anything. But there’s one case that could be termed as the most extreme one. Here, we are talking about Rick Boogs. He recently made some shocking revelations about his muscle gain.

We have seen Boogs playing the guitar during Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance and over the months, we saw how jacked Boogs has become. Reportedly, Boogs has been on Vince McMahon‘s favourites’ list. As Vince is a lover of muscle monsters, Boogs has been packing up some serious gains.



Recently, while speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Rick Boogs shared some shocking secrets as he said, “I’ve gone as far as to coming up with the idea of eating cat food because I thought it would be a good snack on the go, [I’d have] highly-dense, nutritious treats to carry in my pockets so at all times I was calorically satisfied, micro-nutritionally full if you will. It was disgusting. It didn’t last very long, but the fact is that I went that far.”

Rick Boogs further shared, “I tried to make it work for a whole bag of cat food. I went to the store and I said I’m not going to get the cheap stuff. If I’m going to eat cat food, I’m going to the highest quality. I kinda went undercover to the best pet food store and I asked them what’s the best premium cat food, I make it seem like I really, really care about my cat, when in fact I want the sweet potatoes, I want the salmon, I want the kale bits, I want all of that stuff.”

That’s insane dedication. Hope to see him getting a much-deserved push, more than just a guitar-playing guy!

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