WWE: From 'Broken' Matt Hardy To Goldust - Some Underrated Gimmicks You Must Revisit
WWE: From ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy To Goldust – Some Underrated Gimmicks You Must Revisit

From The Golden Age to The New Era, WWE has gifted some of the great entertaining characters. Apart from their in-ring talents, it’s their gimmicks which have created a bond with the fans. But not every superstar’s gimmick has been as lucky as The Undertaker or Kane. So, in today’s edition, we’ll be taking a look at WWE’s underrated gimmicks which always miss out in honourable mentions and deserve your watch:


We got to see the naive and overly excited nephew of Eric Bishoff in 2004. He much seemed like a mentally disabled man but was really good inside the ring. Every time his music hit the titantron, the arena used to go mad. He made people laugh and cry, and believe me, he even defeated Triple-H. Eugene was truly a breath of fresh air in WWE!

Santino Marella
What you can say about this man! He’s charismatic, funny and has some good wrestling skills (except that Cobra finisher). Santino Marella always amused the crowd with his antics. Although he didn’t win the celebrated ‘gold belts’, he did his job of entertaining the crowd.

The Hurricane

The superhero without any superpower, sounds weird, right? Well, no matter how weird or bad it sounds, Gregory Helms aka The Hurricane pulled off the concept quite brilliantly. Along with his partner Rosey, The Hurricane made people laugh and it was a hell of fun to watch him take on big guns like The Rock and Triple H.

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy

The 2.0 version of Matt Hardy was a risky one but it paid off handsomely. The alter ego of Matt was enigmatic and connected instantly with fans. Also, no one can forget the ovation he and his brother, Jeff Hardy received during Wrestlemania 33. Unfortunately, he never got a bigger push from WWE.


And last but not the least, Goldust! Yes, this character is one of the oldest ones from WWE. This is one of the most controversial and bizarre gimmicks. Best known for his mind games, Goldust was sexually ambiguous and flamboyant inside the ring. Although he was a man of few words, there was some X-factor in him which made him a cult.

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