Wrestlemania 37 Recorded 1.1 Billion Views
Wrestlemania 37 Recorded 1.1 Billion Views For Two Nights (PC: Instagram)

As promised, WWE made Wrestlemania 37 a memorable event for fans. This year, there was no John Cena or The Undertaker, and yet, the event turned to be a historical one in many aspects. Let’s take a look in detail.


The first and the foremost thing that made this year’s Wrestlemania special was the return of a live audience. For more than a year, we saw WWE conducting events with no audience or Thunderdome. Thankfully, the promotion managed to acquire permission to fill the stadium.


Wrestlemania 37 took place on 10th and 11th April in Raymond James Stadium of Tampa Bay, Florida. It saw an attendance of 51,500 people cumulative of two nights. While the ticket sale saw an amazing response, digitally too, the event was a game-changer for WWE which has been witnessing a rough phase during the pandemic.

As per official numbers, Wrestlemania 37 recorded 1.1 billion views which is an increase of almost 15% per cent from Wrestlemania 36. Social media platforms saw an engagement of as much as 115 million users. It also enjoyed the highest sale ever of merchandise in history.

WWE president and chief revenue officer Nick Khan said, “I think ultimately, thanks to the great work of all the folks here, we were able to get it done. If you recall, WrestleMania last year was two to three weeks into the pandemic. We had to cancel last minute and we did it from a studio. It was certainly a different experience. So we wanted to make sure that the fans and the people watching at home got the WWE experience that they’re used to on the biggest event that we have,” during a chat with Variety.

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