Former WWE Star Tyson Kidd Reveals That He Considered Comeback At ‘Royal Rumble’ Despite Career-Ending Injury
Former WWE Star Tyson Kidd Reveals That He Considered Of Returning At ‘Royal Rumble’ But…

Former WWE Tag Team Champion and current WWE Producer Tyson Kidd who shot to fame with his Tag Team Championship run with Cesaro, recently opened up about many things around WWE. From his role as a producer in WWE to whether Edge’s Royal Rumble return has inspired him to come back, he revealed many interesting things.

Tyson Kidd was forced to retire after suffering a career-ending neck injury in 2015 and since then the high flyer hasn’t returned to the ring. Recently, during a podcast Tyson opened about comeback plans and discussed what he does as a producer behind-the-scenes for WWE.



Tyson Kidd joined Spencer Love on the Conversations With Love podcast and opened up about a lot. Opening up about the role of a producer, Tyson said – “So, the role of a producer is to kind of look at the show, kind of give our takes on what we see, and that’ll be prior to the production meeting,” Kidd said. “Then, we kind of get assigned our matches and our segments, and then we – I like to go and collaborate with talent, and we put together what we see on TV every Monday and Friday. It’s a team effort with everybody. With the talent, with the producers, with the writers, everybody. So, it’s a cool atmosphere that I enjoy backstage”.

When asked about his role has changed during the coronavirus pandemic, he said – “In terms of changing my role, not really, because I think our talent, and I’m not just saying this, the talent that I work with is so good that I don’t have to – I just have to kind of remind them like ‘hey guys, obviously we don’t have a crowd here, so there’s a tendency to maybe to do things a little quicker, but you gotta just be the pros that you are.’ Our talent is just such pros across the board that it hasn’t been an issue in terms of that for me”.

On asked about if Edge’s return at Royal Rumble has inspired him to come back as well, he said -“It’s funny, man, and I know it’s going to keep happening as different guys come back throughout the years. Like, when Bryan (Daniel Bryan) came back, I got a lot of tweets and a lot of messages, and now with Edge, and now I get a lot including both of them. I get it. The difference is I just have a very different injury. If you look at Edge, his neck surgery’s through the front of his neck because, as weird as this sounds – like, this sounds, I almost hate saying it, but like, where his fusions were, that’s almost the – this is the part I hate saying, because it just sounds so dumb, but it’s almost where the normal fusions in wrestling are, between your C5, your C6 and your C7. I have my C1 and C2 fused, which is as high up as it goes. That’s why mine’s in the back of my neck, they didn’t go through the front. But, my surgeon was amazing and he did save a lot of the muscle. And, I know – I get it. People will see, they know, especially I have Workhouse Fitness, (a) supplement company that I’ve created. So, I post a lot of workout videos, and you see pictures of me in shape, and I am in physical shape in terms of working out in a gym. (very different than ring shape. I’m sure I’m in horrible ring shape right now, but I do an attack that damn assault bike daily, so maybe I would be alright. But, it’s very different between looking good wearing a pair of shorts in my garage, and wrestling in a ring. It’s very, very different”.

He revealed that was thinking of doing something at the Royal Rumble – “I did, one time, over the past couple years, look into maybe doing a little something in a Royal Rumble, just kind of as that, so that could be my last chapter, so the last time you see me is, you know, this little thing, and it didn’t work out. I did look into – I did get looked at, and things are good, but things are not at that level in terms of my neck, and you know what? I’m at peace with everything. I haven’t wrestled in five years almost. June 1st, 2015 was my last match, and I’m at peace with it”.

Meanwhile, Tyson Kidd had an ordinary solo career but he won the tag team championships twice in his WWE run.

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