Going Home’ is a short film by Vikas Bahl which promises a utopia for women. Re-defining woman’s safety, Bahl makes a five minute short film featuring Alia Bhatt in a story where a young girl is driving back home and when her car breaks down, she asks for help from a bunch of guys riding in an SUV.


Is it safe to ask for help from strangers in a dim-lit street in the middle of the night? Well, riding on the idea of utopia, the video shows how the guys who may have been hooligans in real life turn into helpful individuals in the ‘fairytale’ world. The film ends with an amazing thought and a question if we can provide this world to the women in our country. Kudos to the film maker for such an amazing thought!

Check out the short film right here:

Alia Bhatt in a still from short film 'Going Home'
Alia Bhatt in a still from short film ‘Going Home’

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