Shirtless Zayn Malik Gets Into An Ugly Brawl At 2 AM Outside A Bar With A Man Shouting Homophobic Slur At Him, Read On
Shirtless Zayn Malik Gets Into An Ugly Brawl At 2 AM Outside A Bar With A Man Shouting Homophobic Slur At Him – Deets Inside(Pic Credit: Getty)

Zayn Malik reportedly got into a nasty standoff with a man outside a New York club last night and a video of the same is going viral on social media. Although there was no physical fight between the two, Zayn can be seen shirtless and angry in the video. Read to know what happened.

The incident took place at Amsterdam Billiards Club in East Village, where the 28-year-old singer was standing and smoking.

According to TMZ, Zayn Malik was alone and smoking when a group of men were leaving the neighbourhood bar. A man from the group started hurling abuses at the singer and picked a fight for no reason at all.

The singer can be heard shouting, “what the f**k are you talking about” in the video. The man then started using homophobic insult at Zayn Malik and he responded angrily calling him a ‘b*stard’ which escalated the spat even further.

The two got involved in an unpleasant brawl and Zayn could be seen confronting the man in the video where people were trying to break the situation.

Take a look at the video here:

Although the sources close to the publication revealed that they had no idea why Zayn Malik was spotted shirtless outside the bar. Reportedly he was wearing a shirt inside the bar.

Netizens have been reacting to the video and a user on Twitter commented, “there’s literally nothing to forgive, he didn’t use it as an insult or say it just for say, he was repeating the man that was LITERALLY attacking him”. Another user favoured the singer and commented, “I’m a part of LGBTQ+ community and many of my friends as well, we are not hurt by it. Zayn was called the word, not the other way around, he only repeated it in anger. “You’re a bitch. Oh I’m a bitch?” A normal thing to do in an argument. Stop putting Zayn in negative light”

Take a look at some of the reactions here:

Zayn Malik lives in New York with girlfriend Gigi Hadid and daughter Khai and are often spotted taking strolls in the neighbourhood.

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