Raees Shah Rukh Khan is coming to Bigg Boss to share the stage with his friend Salman Khan. And when these two come together, how can the show not be entertaining?


Bigg Boss’ latest promo sees Salman Khan, clad in the black Pathani, trying to enact Raees’ famous ‘Ammi Jaan kehti thi’ dialogue. The promo which can be held as one of the best done promos in a while has got the viewers to watch it repeatedly!

Salman in his Sultan tone is seen muttering the dialogue with Shah Rukh joining in, in his distinct voice. However, it doesn’t end there. Shah Rukh Khan wearing his glasses and saying ‘Aa Raha Hoon’ is what has got us all roaring with excitement!

Raees Hazir hai, at Bigg Boss' forthcoming episode!
Raees Hazir hai, at Bigg Boss’ forthcoming episode!

This Bigg Boss episode will surely be something to look out for, because Raees Haazir Hai!




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