Watching the making and behind the scenes of a song is so fun always. From those funny moments on the sets to the struggle that goes behind filmmaking, it is always very engaging for a viewer to watch. One such video we got our hands on was Aaj Se Teri: making from the movie Padman.

The famous song Aaj Se Teri from the movie Padman has been on our playlists since it got released. Shot in Maheshwar a, 300-year-old city, this songs subtle handling and soulful lyrics have been winning hearts.

Padman’s Aaj Se Teri Song Making Video Is Here For You; Don’t Miss This
Padman’s Aaj Se Teri Song Making Video Is Here For You; Don’t Miss This

In the making of video, we see Akshay Kumar for the prankster he is, making everyone on the sets burst into bouts of laughter.

We also get a glimpse of the real Padman who is the inspiration of the movie, Arunachalam Murugananthama. The main attraction in the making for us were the innovative ways that Padman uses to help his wife from using a toy as a machine to help her in cutting onions to setting a wooden chair in a cycle to make it comfortable for her to sit behind him.

Like Akshay says in the video it’s not like our typical romantic songs, it is more like exchanging wedding vows through a song. Beautifully sung by Arijit and penned by the very talented Kausar Munir who has been the lyricist for many hit songs in Bollywood, this is another such beautiful composition. Amit Trivedi has very cleverly stricken a balance between giving a rural touch to the song and keeping it simple and earthy on the lines of the movie.

O tere kaandhe ka jo til hai,O tere seene mein jo dil hai like Radhika Apte mentioned in the video remains our favourite line from the song as well. We cannot stop humming the songs, meanwhile, you can go and check out the video below.

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