Welcome the quirkiest heartbreak song from Irrfan starrer Blackमेल titled Nindaraan Diyaan featuring the heartbroken Irrfan trying to cope up with reality after watching his wife in bed with someone else.

After treating the audience with varied facets of Irrfan’s character, the latest quirky track by Amit Trivedi puts forth an interesting mix just like the unconventional storyline of the film.

Sung and composed by Amit Trivedi, Nindaraan Diyaan is penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya and presents an unusual mix as the visuals suggest a heartbroken husband while the music is upbeat and hard-hitting.

Watch the quirkiest heartbreak song of the year 'Nindaraan Diyaan' from 'Blackमेल'
Nindaraan Diyaan Song From Blackमेल Is All About A Quirky Heartbreak!

The actor is seen peeping through a hole in his bedroom to occasionally watch his wife. While earlier he saw her lonely, later discovered her in bed with someone else. Shattered by what he saw Irrfan is seen having a tough time, wherein he ultimately blocks the peephole.

Here is the link to the song:

Blackमेल has received immense appreciation ever since the teaser of the film released. The teaser showed Irrfan running around the streets wearing nothing more than a pair of boxer shorts with his face covered by a bra-and-panty paper bag.

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