Alia Bhatt was asked about the AIB Knockout Controversy at a recent event. Quite smartly Alia answered the journo’s question saying, “Freedom of Speech naam ki koi chiz hoti hai.”


Check out Alia’s reply on the AIB Controversy:

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

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  1. Freedom of Speech means if any of your rights are suppressed or you wish to bring any positive change, you have full rights to speak. But it never means to use abusive language in public. A very simple logic to check whether you are right or wrong is that if any such issue is adopted by everyone (equal rights) and it leads to chaos in society – you are wrong else vice versa.
    Further being a celebrity, you have extra responsibility as many people follows you.

    • Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. There is nothing as freedom to do.
      So what she is saying is that she should have her right which is given by constitution. Not any arbitrary thing made up in her mind.

  2. I have been listening to this freedom of speech quiet often these days, i just wanted to ask these what about freedom to do…if somebody will start doing all these thing which you say in the name of freedom of speech what will you do. Will you allow it at that time…if somebody rapes a girl or rob a house or people pelt stones or beat somebody to death and after this if they will also say freedom to do naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai then what we should do…i know it is dark age you have started all this in the name of freedom of speech people are out there in our very society they will take it to freedom to do.


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