Lawyer Of Amber Heard Keeps Interrupting, Frustrated Johnny Depp Says “I Can’t Please You” – Watch
Frustrated Johnny Depp Responds To Amber Heard’s Attorney Saying, “I Can’t Please You…”(Pic Credit: Wikipedia, Movie Still)

There have been a lot of allegations made in the ongoing defamation trial. But one of the most important discussions revolves around the Aquaman franchise. While Johnny Depp claims he helped his ex-wife bag the Warnes Bros film, she claims he tried to get her fired from it. Scroll below for latest update on the matter.

In the previous few days, a lot has been revealed regarding the Aquaman controversy. Amber during her testimony said that she bagged the role with an audition. JD, on the other hand, revealed how he called “three upper enchelon Warner executives” to help his ex-wife get the part. Later DC Films President Walter Hamada squashed claims of the actress that she was released from the movie or failed to receive a pay increase due to Johnny’s legal battle.

Now, during cross-examination, the lawyer of Amber Heard went on to ask Johnny Depp, “Mr Depp, you were pretty angry after you got her temporary restraining order, weren’t you?” To this, the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor took a pause and responded, “Angry? More than anything I was hurt.”

Amber Heard’s attorney then questioned, “And you testified earlier this morning that you somehow were responsible for getting her a role with Warner Brothers. You also trying to get her fired from Aquaman after the temporary restraining order, didn’t you?”

Johnny Depp in response asked, “Umm.. which question would you like me to handle first?” The attorney answered, “One question sir, you tried to get her fired, didn’t you?”

While Johnny tried to answer the question, the attorney interrupted and asked him to answer in just “yes or no.”

A frustrated Johnny Depp responded, “I can’t please you with a yes or no every single time.” He later in an agitated tone said “The answer is no.”

Check out the viral video below:

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