Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on Friday questioned the campaign against Pakistani actors working in India, saying they were not terrorists.

“They are artistes. What do you think… Are artistes terrorists?” Salman asked at a press conference here.

“They come to India with visa. Who gives them the visa? Our (Indian) government gives them visa. The government gives them work permit,” Salman added.

Are Pakistani artistes terrorists, asks Salman Khan
Are Pakistani artistes terrorists, asks Salman Khan

But the veteran actor did not specifically question the moves in Bollywood to ban Pakistanis from working in films being made in India.

Salman was in the national capital to launch a “Being Human” jewellery line.

Commenting on the surgical strikes India carried out on terrorists across the Line of Control, Salman said: “The ideal situation would have been of peace. Now when this has happened, then obviously there will be reaction to this action.

“In this day and this age, I think if we live with love and peace, then it will be better for everyone, especially for the common man.”

He, however, justified the surgical strikes, saying it targeted the terrorists who killed 19 Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir on September 18 and were planning more attacks.

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena was the first to ask Pakistani artistes to leave India.

The Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association on Thursday decided to ban Pakistani artistes from working in Indian movies.

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  1. Uri Main Attack Hua Usi Ka Reaction Hai, Jo Karenge Humari Indian Army Karegi, Tumhre Kahne Se Pakisatniyo Ka Hosala Ni Badh Jayega.

  2. Is sale ko ja kar bolo pakistan main rahe aur udhar hi apni flim banaye sala murderer agar hindu bhai tumko thoda bhi sharam hai aur apne desh se prem karte ho to promiz karo aaj se is sale ke ek movie nahi dekhoge sale pakistan ko support karta hai

  3. He is an idiot. Anyone gets visa only after getting employment offer. First, you morons give them employment and then they apply for visa. Get lost Sallu. Tubelight will be fcked up.

  4. Why everyone get mad, he is just an actor and reply answers to journalist, he is a free man of India and has full rights, Freedom of speech I guess.

  5. after reading hateful comments made by my Hindi brothers I feel ashamed, you people are nonsense and un-Patriotic, go read history first, Muslims, Hindis, Sikh all live peacefully together at subcontinent till 1947
    just because some people at that time of era demand a separate country and got separated doesn’t mean we keep grudges till this time of era at 2017, my Hindu brothers get over move on with life, Hindustan is secular country, a country where we find all cultures, religions, races that’s what make us beautiful country otherwise we will be just all Blackies and by the way I will go watch Salman Khan Movies because he is free man by Law
    Jai hind
    Mera Baharat Mahan

  6. when accident happens Salman was not driving his car, the justice department let him go free
    Stop Bashing like an Idiot, I feel ashamed of being a idiot Hindu, in fact we are not
    Jai Hind

  7. we don’t need to teach Pakistan anything we need to secure our borders because we have Hindu Traitors in our government, so stop bashing Muslims and look our own self (Hindus)
    jai Hind

  8. Try to make country better for all, we have few families who are RICH and most people are POOR, what Bollywood movies showing is Fake, Fake, Fake.
    come down on earth and face reality, we travel in buses, trains, rickshaw not in Helicopters like they show in Fake Bollywood movies
    Mera Baharat Mahan yes but same time Rape rate is of the roof, what kind a Hindu nation we are, correct yourself first before bash others, you Idiots


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