WWE: Vince Russo Hits Out At The Company For Promoting Bad Bunny More Than Wrestlers
Vince Russo Takes A Dig At WWE Yet Again ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Royal Rumble 2022 has bought a lot of heat for WWE due to a lack of excitement factor in it. Here, we are talking specifically about men’s rumble as women’s rumble has received praises. Now, Vince Russo has come out slamming the promotion with a reference to Bad Bunny’s surprise entry in the rumble match.


Being in a creative role with WWE for a long, Russo is well aware of how the company functions. He has been quite vocal, especially since the rise of AEW, and has been taking regular potshots at Vince McMahon‘s bad creative decisions. In his latest dig, he has recalled one of Triple H’s statements, stating that they won’t be creating stars anymore.


Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, Vince Russo said, “Bro, here’s the bottom line. Listen, Triple H made it clear; we are no longer going to create stars; not one person is going to be bigger than the WWE. That’s what he said. When he said that, I could not believe that he said it because when you break it down to the most basic of fundamentals, we watch TV to watch television stars. That’s what we tune into TV for; we want to see stars.”

Vince Russo further added that WWE has lived up to Triple H’s statement, failing to create any crowd-pulling stars. He shared his honest opinion on how the company is relying too much on stars outside the pro-wrestling industry, as he spoke about Bad Bunny getting more importance in Royal Rumble 2022.

“To add insult to injury, Bad Bunny, he didn’t even perform in MMA. This guy is just a rapper. He comes in the ring; he beats up half your roster. A rapper beats up half your roster. And I’m like, okay guys, you lived up to your word. You didn’t create any stars. Now, you have no star,” Russo added.

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